Bowiefest update

Anybody see Newswatch on the BBC on Saturday morning? It was really quite predictable…

The odd viewer banging on about the ‘cultural icon, political activist and gender identity champion’ David Bowie being given his rightful place supplanting all other news for days on end. And then there were the masses of viewers complaining about the excessive coverage afforded on BBC News.

Personally, I agreed with the viewer that they brought into the studio to confront the news editor responsible for the excessive scheduling. Her point was that presenting his death as the lead story and devoting the first 17 minutes of a broadcast to him was a bit over the top – especially when you follow it by cancelling the next programme and broadcasting a 30 minute documentary devoted to his music and achievements. I have to agree with her. Five minutes would have been plenty and then follow it with the obit programme.

What got me was also the reference to what an inspiration he was to the baby boomer generation. My wife is a baby boomer. She rightly points out that Bowie totally passed her by because he wasn’t her generation. I’m a few years younger and I was aware of him, but not as a massive influence.

‘Political activist’ – that one passed me by too and I take a keen interest in politics. ‘Gender identity’ – well, that wasn’t a phrase that was even mentioned in the 20th century as far as I can remember?

Anyhow, the latest theory is that he isn’t really dead, he just wanted some privacy! As far as I could see he was getting that privacy anyway, but then again better a has been than a never was. I’d love the conspiracy to be true and for him to be discovered living next door to Elvis in a bus on the moon (was that him in the John Lewis Christmas ad???).

Finding him alive really would make all those griefjackers look so so stupid – which is frankly what they deserve.

+ + + + + + And there’s more ! + + + + + +

Step forward Dylan Jones. Never let it be said that grief and sentimentality ever got in the way of turning a profit!

Dylan’s an old friend of ours – see here. He wrote a lovely tribute in the Fail on Sunday about the night that Bowie first appeared on Top of the Pops and, according to Dylan, “changed music forever”! FFS!

Why this glowing tribute? Well, it seems that Dylan’s biography of Bowie is published this week, price £15

Presumably he’s been holding it back using his insider knowledge of exactly when Bowie was going to peg out. Or maybe he just writes very, very quickly?

What a cynical money grubbing little shit…!


2 responses to “Bowiefest update

  1. Just more of the ‘bread & circuses’ approach:- keep the peasants occupied and they won’t seek a Wat Tyler and we überstrata can carry on unhindered.

  2. “………What a cynical money grubbing little shit…!………”

    That’s Capitalism at it finest! Not only does one set the price based on an assumption of what the market will bear, one also ‘presents’ the product when the Market can best bear it.

    What is wrong with maximizing one’s probability of optimizing one’s financial gain? Are you some kind of Marxist?