Madaya – missing the point!

There’s been a lot of hoo-hah in the media lately about the appalling conditions in Madaya – a town that has been under siege for months by the Syrian government forces.

After considerable pressure from the UN aid agencies, two aid convoys have been allowed into the town to distribute food and blankets. The UN reportedly said that it has received credible reports of several people dying of starvation in the rebel-held town near the Lebanese border, where about 40,000 people have been trapped.

The media are, of course, wheeling out the starving cheeldren for the press photographers to snap so they can tug at our heart strings and bring out the begging bowl. Well, they’re getting bugger all from me and I’ll tell you why. It’s because they’re all missing the point!

It’s a siege FFS!.

Here’s the dictionary definition : “The act or process of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in such a way as to isolate it from help and supplies, for the purpose of lessening the resistance of the defenders and thereby making capture possible.

If the people of Madaya – and the other besieged cities in Syria – are starving, that’s the whole idea. Resistance is weakened to the point where the defending forces surrender. Town taken by attackers. Job done. End of…

By pushing aid into Madaya they are extending the agony and actually making it worse for the inhabitants. They are prolonging the siege. Better that the defenders accept defeat and then the civilians can get fed and watered and get on with their lives.


6 responses to “Madaya – missing the point!

  1. Following the inescapably brilliant logic of your ultimate paragraph, I should soon expect the following declaration from you, “Why bother eating, breathing and continuing to void my colon/bladder/gullet, I’m only delaying the end and prolonging my existence in a world that is becoming more and more, and every day and in every way, not-to-my-liking.”

    It’s a siege FFS!

    • Seems reasonable.

    • That’s missing the point too SR…

      • Deliberately so.
        But I got to write, ‘void my colon/bladder/gullet’ which segues nicely with my current obsession with potty humour and Benny Hill videos on Youtube.

        In truth, your analysis is spot on. And let’s face it, heart string tugging is anathema to us cunts. Innit? Let’s just hope the defenders do not hold out like the folks in Leningrad did during the last good war. If they do, there goes your thesis and premise down the toilet with all that stuff which you presumably will continue to void from your colon/bladder/gullet. Innit?

        Town not taken by attackers. Job done. End of…

  2. Point is good. However the fact is the citizens not the people the Siege was targetted at.

    • Regrettably, in a siege the civilians become part of the strategy. It’s been that way since medieval times. Pull the population into the castle, pull up the drawbridge, sit it out. Leave them outside and they get killed anyway?

      You can’t separate one group from the other and I would argue that the people most likely to get the food are the soldiers. They have the guns and the power to control the population. It’s all very sad, but I still believe that the aid people are prolonging the agony.