The English National Anthem

In view of this week’s pointless waste of time debating in the House of Commons on a National Anthem for England, I thought this piece was rather appropriate…

English National Anthem Bill – what a bloody shame our MPs have nothing better to waste time, money and effort on than drivel of this sort!


4 responses to “The English National Anthem

  1. I think without any shadow of doubt whatsoever they would never get away with that now, possibly even facing a long drawn out trial at the Old Bailey and castigated at every turn on BBC News.

  2. Well, yes, someone would be offended and we can’t have that…

  3. We English are neither arrogant nor racist. We are simply better than Johhny Foreigner and they have never been able to come to terms with that. It is simply a statement of fact that fog in the Channel means the world is isolated from civilisation.