Kicking off in the Fatherland

After the events of New Years Eve, it hardly surprising that the German people are starting to get more than a little concerned about Merkel’s immigration policies and are pressuring her to take action.

What gets me the most about this story is not the feral ragheads marauding through the streets of Cologne molesting white women out celebrating New Year’s Eve. No, what gets me is the attempts by the media and the vaious governments to cover up the fact that they were asylum seekers, migrants and refugees. Clearly such references were omitted in order not to put further pressure on Merkel’s open door policy.

Then there’s the remarks by the stupid woman who runs Cologne that these women brought it on themselves and they should have dressed and behaved better. Now that really is crass…

And finally there’s Merkel’s about turn on her policy to welcome these people into Germany. She’s now saying that she wants immigrations controls having told Cameron that he’s got no chance of doing the same for the UK. That just stinks of a combination of hypocrisy and desperation.

At the end of the day such behaviour is not to be tolerated. You come to our country, we take in and give you refuge, you break our laws? In that case here’s a one way ticket back to where you came from.

And another thing. A refugee or asylum seeker is supposed to claim refuge in the first safe country they come to not go tramping across Europe to get to their country of choice. Taking this into account, these people are therefore illegal immigrants…

…so why the fuck are they here in the first place, Frau Merkel?


13 responses to “Kicking off in the Fatherland

  1. Can’t agree more. I didn’t expect the bizarre and deeply disturbing events of New Year’s Eve – who would have imagined a mass sex and theft attack? But I do expect the slow and steady descent into crime, sectarianism and crisis. What did Merkel expect? And what is even more sinister was the attempts to cover it up. Thank God for the internet.

  2. Quite.

    Even the biased BBC and SKY have been forced to report this now the lid’s been blown off. Ultimately, if the indigenous population are pissed off they’ll make their feelings known – one way or another. Meanwhile, the TPTB appear to ignore real history.

  3. Most of us, who are not apart of the political or media elite could see something like this coming a mile off. But we are all islamophobic racists or something…

  4. Let’s remember a couple of things here we are dealing with a culture that has a specific name for the sexual assault and harassment of women and that term is taharrush gamea (from wikipedia is a type of sexual harassment and sexual assault of women by groups of men on the street that may involve rape, beating and name-calling, groping, sexual invitations[1] and robbery. The assault usually happens under the protective cover provided by large gatherings or crowds,[2] typically mass events, including protests, rallies, concerts, or public festivals).[3]) remember it well as we will be hearing a lot more of it in the following months. Also let’s remember the MMS suppressed these reports for THREE DAYS until they could no longer ignore the social media meltdown. I mentioned just a few days ago how Merkel would backpedal and buried the rest of her EU colleagues in order to save her own skin…hmmm maybe I am not so dumb after all.

  5. And another thing that bothers me about WordPress is those puerile ‘Rate This’ thumbs-up and thumbs-down toggles(I think they’re called ‘toggles). Bloody schoolyard popularity contests made manifest.
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    • The first ‘thumbs down’ was my doing!

    • Like I said – a work in progress. These irritating things are part of the standard free theme I settled on. To be fair, my blogger blog had tick boxes for approval ratings too “Interesting / Boring / Funny / Total shite” so at least WordPress is a bit more sophisticated.

      I appreciate your sense of humour and would tick the appropriate box but you’re never going to get a thumbs up from Diana because apart from the fact she’s dead, you are quite right in pointing out she was a cunt…

      And so is McCartney. And fish and chips bugger up my waistline so they can get stuffed too!

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  6. As longrider states (good blog of yours btw), all the rest of us non pollies could see this coming a mile away. Are their snouts so deep in the trough that they can’t see anything outside of it?

    Incredible isn’t it. You deliberately import well over 1 million young muslim men whose culture has women on par with a goat. What could possibly go wrong.

  7. Dear Mr Dioclese

    I suspect Frau Merkel has a Cunning Plan: give all those nice, fit young lads from anywhere EU papers and point them in the general direction of England. Maybe even buy them rail tickets – no cattle trucks for them.

    I sure that nice Mr Cameron will protest a bit and wring his hands, but let them in anyway, since he will have no choice.

    Hope this helps.