So David Bowie has died of cancer at the age of 69. If you missed that on the news, then you must be living in a cave! There was certainly nothing else on Sky or the BBC yesterday morning. Amazing how quick they banged out and obituary / tribute as well. They must have a stack of them just stored up and waiting!

What about the guy, then? Well, I don’t feel qualified to comment, so here a guest post by a contemporary, Chas C :

“Go back to the late sixties and seventies when I was trying to break into the music game. It was all pretty much Merseybeat and blues with the odd smattering of Cream or Hendrix. Then along came Bowie with something different.

I give the guy credit for that, although I must admit to never really having been much of a fan of his music. I respected the originality and quality of what he did – I just never much liked listening to it. I’m forced to ask whether anyone would have heard of the guy if he hadn’t made ‘Space Oddity’? But then it was that bit of originality that launched him.

I have got a copy of his ‘Best of’ album and I particularly liked ‘Pin Ups’ where he did very respectable reworks of other people’s stuff. I downloaded his penultimate album ‘The Next Day’ before Christmas but have to admit that I’ve yet to get further than the third track before getting bored with it!

Yesterday, the BBC were playing ‘Lazarus’ from his last album released on Friday. In view of the fact he knew he was dying, I regret to say I found it self-indulgent and the video was in total bad taste. I’m forced to compare it to Johnny Cash ‘Hurt’ which was melancholic and moving. This wasn’t, I’m afraid! I will give Bowie’s last offering a listen, but I’m not expecting much from it.

The album will, of course, be going straight to the top of the album charts – along with several others no doubt – purely because he’s died. The British public are very good at these outpourings. Never mind the quality, let’s do some griefjacking! And let’s roll out the back catalogue so the record companies can make loads of money!

There’s no doubt he was different, but he wasn’t that great. I prefer to remember the guy in his heyday and not in his decline.

Now can we please have something else on the news???”


6 responses to “Bowie

  1. I have to say, I agree. Ziggy Stardust was his best stuff. I was never a fan. What strikes me today is my own mortality. When I was a teenager, the music charts were filled by Mud, Sweet, Bowie, Slade, Queen, Elvis….

    I’m getting old and the music is dying.

  2. I also agree with Chas, My partner adored Bowie so I have to be careful here Bowie wrote the music of his life but not mine. I was never a fan I just didn’t connect with Bowie, but many did. I quite liked one or two tracks but I am afraid that is the best I can do. Some icons of music walk this earth quietly and go by relatively unnoticed, whilst some are hyped up and over exaggerated by many. at the end of the day music is an art form and it’s all relative one mans idol is anothers indifference. It’s personal choice I was far more upset about Lemmy Kilmister’s death but again it’s personal. Bowie was a clever man his career was carefully stage managed will I personally miss his work no latterly, it was dare I say dull trite tripe. Bowie (for me) became synonymous with fakery and I have never liked fakes. I will turn up Bad Magic and celebrate Lemmy but no one can induce me to put on Bowie’s latest offering it is not worth my time.

  3. Yes, his early stuff was by far the best (Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust era). And, yes, he was a tad pretentious, but that was partly why he was so successful.

    Sadly, though predictably, a lot of his contemporaries will fade away these next few years. I can only pray that Sir Elton hangs on for as long as possible – when he goes it’ll be another ‘Diana’ moment. At least it won’t be led by Bliar.

  4. Never been a fan to be honest, just posting to get “in” hopefully!

  5. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Thank you

    And I know it’s ‘Mam’. Reminds me of when Lou Reed carked it. I wrote, “Well this coloured girl still goes ‘do da do do do da do’. And I know I am not the colour to which he was referring.

  6. I’m waiting for Chris Spivey to tell us how Bowie was murdered by Mossad to prevent him exposing the VIP Paedophile Rings at Westminster and the BBC.