Saturday music

I love this song from Chas C – I think it’s just spot on. Enjoy…

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  1. In the previous thread , I said Abdul Haroun should be chained to Pat Nurse as a punishment and then sent back to Sudan in the hope Pat would start her “safe smoking” campaign in Sudan to help reduce the numbers trying to make the journey to the UK in the future.

    Perhaps Chas C could be sent along with them to inflict more misery on Abdul, or at least give him some “gigs” in that jungle city in Calais


  2. Nice guitar riff. Lyrics need a bit of work.

  3. Here's a nice guitar riff

  4. You can cover up a whole load of stuff by playing quickly with maximum distortion – but she's not bad to be fair.
    I working on a bit of heavy stuff at the moment. Kinda into ZZ Top since I got their new album!

  5. She has a great first name and covers Voodoo Child rather well, but other than that, you're right; not too bad. I only linked to that for Saxon's benefit, I know he likes his bimbos blonde and wallowing in the psycho-sexual innuendo of words ending in -iff. Like riff and sniff. I deliberately neglected to pixellate the most obvious word that ends in -iff because I'm a fucking lady now.

    And as for ZZ Top:
    Me: “They're still alive?”
    The Tutor: “I'm just lookin' for some tush”

    Jaysus, their beards must be on the ground by now.

  6. Blonde bimbos, indeed! To be honest I've never been that fussy. The guitarist is cute. I can't comment about her guitar skills.