Walking to happiness

More news on the ludicrous way this government has completely lost the plot when it comes to dealing with the migrant crisis…

Say hello to Abdul Rahman Haroun, a 40 year old Sudanese man who walked the 31 miles through the Channel Tunnel just before Christmas. Now you might think that this was a mammoth feat of endurance – it took him 11 hours after all – and deserves to be rewarded. The government might agree with you. I certainly don’t.

Personally, having intercepted him at the British end, I would have stuck him on the next train back to France. Instead they rewarded him by granting him asylum. Quite why I’m not sure as the last time I looked Sudan wasn’t a war zone and certainly isn’t in Syria, is it?

And it gets worse. He was charged with causing an obstruction to an engine or carriage using the railway under the Malicious Damage Act 1861. However in view of the granting of asylum, the charges are to be dropped.

Eurotunnel summed it up nicely : “We believe that it is something that can only act as an incentive to other illegal immigrants to seek to enter the country. We had hoped the authorities would use the full force of the law as a dissuasive measure.”

Damian Collins, the Tory MP for Folkestone and Hythe, commented “People who break the law should lose the right to asylum. What we want to do is send a message to those people in Calais that if you try and break into our country by hiding in vehicles or trains – or by walking through the Channel Tunnel – you will immediately lose your right to making an asylum claim in this country. This is completely the wrong message to send to other migrants waiting in Calais.”

So the migrants get a new poster boy. They are encouraged to give it a go because we are a soft touch. And the French are pissing themselves laughing at us.

In fact the French are so impressed that they are setting up a new migrant camp on the Channel coast near Dunkirk to encourage them to give it a go.

What a bunch of twats we are !!!


12 responses to “Walking to happiness

  1. Are we watching the wilful destruction of European civilisation? It appears so.

  2. The appropriate response would have been to make him walk back.

    Eurotunnel is in an invidious position and have now had it made worse for them.

  3. Coming to the tunnel soon; dedicated cycle and pedestrian paths…

  4. Up there with fanny wig Murkin Merkel. “Germans must accept immigrants are more criminal”. Ergo come what may.

  5. Dioclese “Quite why I'm not sure as the last time I looked Sudan wasn't a war zone and certainly isn't in Syria, is it?”

    For someone who travels the world like yourself Dioclese you missed that one didn't you…it a fucking great big war zone and has been for about 5 years….infact the World Service (radio)give it so much coverage it pisses me off…I then switch to( Amor95.3 solo musica romantica -Mexico) to calm down and chill.

    Yeah send the cunt back.


  6. Under the United Nations rules on refugees, a political refugee may flee a country which persecutes him, but on reaching a safe country as defined under international law must stop and claim asylum. If he does not do so, he isn't a refugee but an illegal immigrant and must be dealt with under those terms.

    This man walked through one safe country to another one. He isn't a refugee. Nobody not claiming asylum in France but trying it in Britain is a refugee. Immediate deportation ought to be the one response to such abuses.

  7. I can only concur with the above comments. Send him back, but we wont will we because it's not kind…Apparently.

  8. No it's the civil servants and politicians who are the twats. I would have given him a chioce. This bullet or back to France.

  9. He's a good walker!
    He'll sire other good walkers!
    And let's face it, after Don Thompson won the Gold in the 50K Race Walk at the 1960 Rome Olympics, Ken Mathews won the Gold in the 20K Race Walk at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and Marion Fawkes won Gold at the 1979 5K IAAF World Race Walking Cup, Great Britain's dominance in tne sport has disappeared. It has sucked at the sport for near on 50 years now!
    Great Britain needs new 'walker genes'!
    This is why he was given asylum.

  10. If he can walk like that, Rickie, he's probably not a smoker. I would think you would want to welcome him to Blighty. You know, if only to effect the smoker/non-smoker ratio. Innit?

  11. Spot on Sterculian, Great Britain needs more heroes like “Mo Farah” to show the world how great we are at sport.

    However while we are checking on his athletic prowess, I would still send him back at least temporarily to Sudan and chain him to Pat Nurse as punishment.

    This the latest plea from Pat Nurse to send the pro smoke lobby led by chubby dim wit Simon Clark to campaign on “safe smoking”………Simon Clark my well dip his toes into a bit of denial on his blog but he aint never going to start chatting live on the BBC on how its safe to smoke…not ever.

    Pat nurse also mentions Simon Clark being courageous….nicely put Pat, I would say stop being a fucking coward and repeat the fucking denial you dilly dally about on your blog to the worlds media.

    Anyway for those who say I spread mis-information…here is the hags own words, I always have proof…just cos you never ask for it dosen't mean I aint got it.

    “There really is a safe level of smoking despite what antis say. I hope this year Forest will be courageous enough, with or without vapers' help, to seriously start to attack the junk science on SHS, THS and even active first hand smoking.


  12. Breaking News:

    It don't get any bigger than this for news in Mexico

    El Chapo Guzman has been caught.

    Incredible, infact I keep checking and re-checking to see if this story is true.