Thankfully, jihadists can be a bit dim…

Say hello to Mr and Mrs not-so-silent bomber, Mohammed Rehman, 25 (left) and Sana Ahmed Khan, 24 (right). These two were planning a suicide bomb attack in London to mark the anniversary of the 7/7 atrocities.

It failed. Basically, because they’re bit thick…

To prove it, Rehman went onto social media under the name ‘Silent Bomber’ to ask for advise on whether he should bomb the Westgate Shopping Centre or the London Underground. This of course attracted no attention to them at all, did it?

Then he took out a payday loan to fund the chemicals and other materials he needed to build his bomb so no way they could trace that back to him then?

But of course you have to make sure that the device you are building works properly so he built a small version of it and set it off in his back garden which naturally attracted no attention at all!

Then comes the piece-de-resistance! Just to prove what a clever boy he’d been in building a bomb, he video’d it all on his mobile phone – and then put it up on Twitter FFS!

This is all a bit to serious to be a laughing matter, but if there was ever a couple who deserved an entry in the Book of Heroic Failures then it’s these two. If only all jihadists were this stupid then we’d have nothing much to worry about…


18 responses to “Thankfully, jihadists can be a bit dim…

  1. What also struck me was, he was practicing detonating test devices in his garden, he lived with his parents in the middle of a residential area but they apparently knew nothing of what he was up to? WTF did they think he was doing out there? Building an IKEA flat pack! So clearly not just the would be Jihadis that are a bit thick then!

  2. Reminds me of Pat Nurse that dim hag used her real name to troll health workers /politicians/anti smoking supporters on her blog and Twitter.

    The laughing matter in this case was that she closed down her blog because of the content she had posted and then started on Twitter doing the same once again in her real name and then shut that down.

    Frank Davis and his “death threat ” letter to a health worker is another example which dim-witted Simon Clark (Taking Liberties) called “stunning”. The Daily Mail got hold of it and has nipped anymore stories of “armies and weapons” used in the fight against stopping folk from dying from smoking.

    Ambush Predator and her mocking of the recently deceased springs to mind too.

    Blog hosts your internet histories could well haunt you…..I know its was anything goes back in the day and all that….tis different now, simple searches gets the nasty stuff in a jot, although strong principled fighting warrior blog hosts would never delete the nasties they do like editing them when they think nobody notices…lmao.


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  4. Dim, or knew all about it?

  5. Reality check here:

    Pat Nurse stopped blogging because, like Captain Ranty, she was subjected to a sustained campaign of harassment, trolling and stalking by Dickie Doubleday (aka Rickie).

    I can’t comment on the Frank Davis thing, because it passed me by. However, knowing Frank’s writing – having as it does a rich seam of dark, dry humour – a comment was probably taken out of context and blown out of all proportion. Given that Dickie is citing the Daily Mail, well, what do we expect? If the DM was to print a story telling us that the sun rises in the east, we would have no option but to get up early and check for ourselves. They are nothing other than purveyors of lies, smears and half-truths. Much like Rickie Dickie Tavvy really.

    This freedom of speech thing that Dickie likes to spout on about (and on, and on, and on ad nauseum). It has its downside. If you go onto the web and spout nonsense, sooner or later, someone with a long memory and greater intelligence (just about everyone, in this case) will come along and debunk the bollocks.
    Why do this? Well, for the most part ignoring it makes sense, but from time to time, my sense of mischief needs indulging and it amuses me to see Rickie Dickie throw a temper tantrum when his own tools are used against him. He can dish it out, but cannot take it. His hypocrisy is writ large for all to see and he can say it so much better than any of us – all he needs is a gentle nudge and away he goes.

    Payback is such a bitch. Makes me smile. So, from time to time, if it amuses me, I’ll give this creature a little of his own back. Because, when a feculent little gobshite goes on a bullying campaign as he did – and still does when he posts misinformation about others – treating him to taste of his own medicine is the decent thing to do. It’s the only language bullies understand – although Rickie, being somewhat dense, is struggling with the concept, but give it time.

    And, finally, I am still awaiting my email reporting Longrider blog to me and telling me who owns it. I did check my spam filters, but it isn’t there. I’m almost disappointed.

  6. I would say they were not that bloody dim and are now playing dim to avoid prosecution. When interviewed on the news they “didn't want to show their faces” and were praising the police. So i'd they knew.

  7. I feel so depressed. Rickie never bullies me.
    I think it might be because I am Asian and he has issues with Asians. And I am a girl and he is frightened of girls. Petrified even!

    On another note, The Tutor might be coming home sooner than expected. It seems he's developed Ramsay Cunt Syndrome and he can't get all the right Meds for it in that shite-hole in which he currently finds himself.
    I'll get to call him an 'Old Palsied Cunt' now, and it would be for reals!

  8. You'd run rings round him. Like most people on the planet you're his intellectual superior.

  9. Longrider you are still bullying me and spreading lies, I have made it quite clear there will be consequences of you repeating this shite.

    If you were to offer an apology I will not carry out my promise. I want this trolling of me to stop…this gesture of goodwill will end.

    I will give you till this saturday morning 10.00am to come to your senses and backdown, until then I will do a daily reveal on this blog of who you are and where you work and other details and the action I will take as promised.

    1ST reveal….Longrider works and lives near Bristol.

    I have struggled to find this information but with a tip-off from “j”,I am now certain of my facts….I will not post specific details as you will have to discuss the matter with your backroom team and get advice.

    I will stand up to bullying do not be in any doubt of that.


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  11. Once again, you make my point for me. I mention that you engage in harassment, intimidation and blackmail and what is your response? More blackmail, intimidation and threats. Well done. This one is identical to those you made back in 2012. They worked out well, didn’t they?

    I do not capitulate in the face of such behaviour. Ever.

    Anyone who reads my blog already knows where I live because, er, I mention it from time to time. A whois on my domain name will give my real name. So what?

    I'm still waiting for the email outing me. But you would have to out yourself to do that, wouldn't you?

    As for freedom of speech, we can all see for ourselves just how much you really value that. Anyone who dares to contradict you gets this treatment. You are a liar, a bully and a hypocrite. And you have exposed yourself as such here.

    It will be a cold day in Hell before I apologise to you. There is nothing to apologise for. The truth is there for anyone who can read to see for themselves.

  12. Incidentally, I followed up the Frank Davis story. As I suspected, a facetious comment was taken out of context and published as a literal statement by the MSM. So, er, nothing to see here, then.

  13. Anyone doing a quick whois on my domain name will discover that my real name is Mark Ellott. I live, as said on my blog, in Bristol and I run my own business.

    Um, so, er what was it you were saying?

  14. Longrider, you should have followed up the Frank Davis story and found out what the truth is.

    the whole letter can be found at tobacco tactics- letter to linda.

    jog on cunt….threats fucking galore.

    edit…I will be saying a lot….errr


  15. English comprehension isn't one of your strong points, is it? Thick as well as toxic.

  16. I see you have read it…..nothing to say…LOL?

    Anyway the most hillarious gaff of the whole shebang was Simon Clark and his “stunning” comment about the letter…..the fucking spokesman for smokers and general libertarian good guy standing up for freedoms and all that….brilliant!

    I love to point out all the gaffs and fucked up denial that smokerloonies spew out…,.,the problem is the loonies don't agree with each other , its all bollocks, they know it and want me silenced.

    There is no joined up thinking whatsoever, if there was 12 million smokers would have a strong voice….they aint got one and thats what Debs Arnot likes about Simon Clark and his “freebie grabbing ” lobbying that does nowt for smokers .

    You really should take some time to read pro smoking blogs Longrider …especially Frank Davis and even Puddlecote when he is stalking mode and he gets all moronic about a hint of contradiciton or a slightly changed view on smoking or vaping going back umpteen years.

    Smokerloonies are real….it aint mis-information whatsoever, I will happily point out some more “gaffs” “outrageous comments” probably next week when i'm sure you will calm down and behave.

    Hang on Frank Davis and armed revolts springs to mind, Pat Nurse smoking and driving/smoking and pregnancy, Puddleocte on Harm reduction..oh fuck I aint got time now.


  17. The only loonie is you. And you prove it with every piece of drivel you write. I am not remotely interested in your conspiracy theories, for they are garbage. Always have been and always will be.

    The only person who throws a temper tantrum when anyone contradicts them is you and you prove it time after time. You have done so repeatedly here. So, a coward, a hypocrite, a troll and a nasty little blackmailer.

    Your'e also somewhat dim if you cannot discern deliberate hyperbole for what it is,much like the MSM, really. Malignant and stupid.