Bloody hypocrite…!

New Year Honours Lists – now there’s a load of old crap if ever there was one! Give loads of money to a political party, bag yourself a gong. Crawl up the right backside? Ditto. Cronyism at it’s best…

But let’s at least be honest about it and stop pretending it’s anything else.

Which brings me to the case in point. Labour have been bouncing up and down about Lynton Crosbie getting a K for spearheading the Conservative election campaign. You might agree that this is cronyism and you might find it distasteful – but then you should also feel the same way about Rosie Winterton, wouldn’t you?

Until a couple of days ago, nobody had ever really heard of Dame Rosie but they have now. Not only is Rosie the Labour Chief Whip, but she also sits on a sub-committee that recommends who gets the gongs.

Those recommendations then go to the main honours committee made up of 14 members – senior civil servants and the chairs of the various sub-committees. Oddly enough, every one of them has a knighthood or peerage.

So my ‘hypocrite of the week’ award goes to the Labour Party for complaining about one of Cameron’s cronies getting a K whilst doing exactly the same to one of their own.


4 responses to “Bloody hypocrite…!

  1. Bunny

    I have a feeling that with Corbyn Labour might near the peak hypocrisy they achieved under Blair, I thought that the level would be hard to reach but Corbyn is going for it. Thornberry is getting Benn's old shadow cabinet position, it is one child of privilege replacing another child of privilege.

  2. “Hypocrite” is merely a synonym for “politician”.

  3. Dioclese,I reckon you are in for a chance of an honour with your lifetime service to the Cruise industry and your continued support to modern day slavery, cos that what the vast majority of Cruise staff are, frigging slaves.

    Just had a cruise where 930 staff that were kept hidden at the bottom of the ship out of sight of the passengers unless they were “working” for silly long hours and for 9 months at a time.

    There was a lot I enjoyed on my first cruise but the slavery thing was really quite obvious especially as the Cruise line made sure no black faces were employed to remind passengers of “slavery”.


  4. I don't do cruises like that. 100 guests, 60 odd staff all paid decent wages and looked after on long term contracts. Tips are included in the fare so they get that decent wage.

    Big ships do nothing for me. They just don't appeal at all any more than big hotels. The mass market shit is just that – shit!