What I got for Christmas [4]

I thought my daughter would appreciate the artistic qualities of this kit for her kid, but I’ve been asked to return it…

4 responses to “What I got for Christmas [4]

  1. Although Tattoo's are everywhere and reaches all social classes these days , instead of Love and Hate fist tats and those lovely spiders web tats that numbnuts used to favour, the one place they are frowned upon has being distasteful and unpleasurable to our eyes is porn.

    Oh yes there aint much ugly ink on skin in glamour clips on Xhamster

    You know its the truth folks.

    Just saying.


  2. tattoos are worn by porn stars, z-celebs and attention seekers. All sad and require a personality, except the porn stars?

    Lord Lindley

  3. Let's be fair, Dioclese, you and your kin are not exactly the desired target market for this wonderful product.
    In the great US of A, the Wal~Mart was selling these in early December with the following bonus product(s):



  4. I was going to send the following gift for some grandkid in either Britain or New Zealand, but I couldn't be arsed.