What I got for Christmas [3]

Clearly someone took my comments on that bloke on the boat to heart.
Must remember to take it with me on my next trip…

4 responses to “What I got for Christmas [3]

  1. Here is another Xmas gift from me.

    Readers of pro smoking blogs are aware of imaginary debates between bedroom warriors in hiding and health experts like Debs Arnott.

    Dick Puddlecote wins all of his arguments on his blog with Debs …well infact Dick is undefeated in his imaginary battles for many years now against all opponents.

    Here is another loon (Frank Davis)with an imaginary debate with Donald Trump.


    Its always a pleasure to read Frank Davis, my favourite blogger by far….he is the real deal denialist with a dedicated radicalised cult following.

    Frank always delivers great quotes, this is a classic in the comments below on his Dec 29 (Telling the Donald) post.

    re: Trumps anti smoking stance.

    ” And how do you make America great again if you go on demonising the product that helped make it great in the first place?”

    Great stuff….love it.

    Frank once hit the headlines in the Daily Mail with death threats to health advisors…..oh yes he really is a loon.


  2. Do what better?
    How can thick people do anything better? They're fucking thick!
    Perhaps drool or, stumble about in a mindless haze maybe, but I reckon they'd be rubbish at doing your taxes or whipping up a decent Crème brûlée on a moment's notice if the situation should warrant.

  3. It's an American cap. They all talk bollocks…

  4. I thought you liked puns.