What I got for Christmas [2]

Hand made gifts are always the best, don’t you think?

4 responses to “What I got for Christmas [2]

  1. Another great gift is to help someone quit smoking.


    This video from the Forest smoking lobby archive shows in graphic detail the effects that occurs after 40 years of smoking.

    Watch from 2.04-2.55 min, young blonde girl either a non smoker or new smoker talking then a lifelong smoker rants on.


  2. For fuck's sake Rickie, yins is worse than the god-botherers.
    Another great gift would be to pay someone to shut you the fuck up!

  3. I thought you would like the comedy element of the video. Simon Clark went beserk at the time when I highlighted the comparison.

    Did you notice the “House of Commons” as the venue ?…Simon Clark keeps well away from the real man on the street smokers and always holds his celebrity especially welcome parties in swanky central London venues.

    You won't find any videos, links, or comments from him ever about “lobbying” that is anything but a 5 star venue, here or abroad , and he has been grabbing freebie dinner dances like that for years without any lobbying that has anything to do with real people , real smokers and real issues…he won't touch real people with a bargepole but sucks up to anything with a title or celebrity fame.

    Fucking non smoking fraud…….thats why smokerloonies don't engage with him either….not that they have the bollocks to say a word to him about anything.


  4. I kind of like it… 😉