Cold turkey for lunch?

Well, all that bollocks is over for another year. One is tempted to say “Thank Christ for that!” were it not that it would appear rather ironic and hypocritical…

So here’s one from the vaults that sums it all up for me!

And that “Merry Christmas (War is over)” was a load of crap as well!


One response to “Cold turkey for lunch?

  1. Simon Clark (Taking Liberties) Christmas message (Dec 24th) has got it spot on for Smokerloonies

    Great inint…..nothing is banned of course you can eat, drink, and smoke as much as you like

    Simon won't let this truth be posted on Taking Liberties, his libertarian principles of freedoms don't actually go as far as harmless comment.

    Infact here is a brief summary of pro smoker views from leading bloggers.

    Frank Davis and his cult of 20 followers…..Smoking is harmless

    Pat Nurse…..possibly the only pro smoke blogger not selling a book to be using a real name in the media…Vaping is poisonous/SHS (second hand smoke) is harmless, dangers of smoking are lies and conspiracy

    Simon Clark…..Smoking kills/ SHS damages health

    Dick Puddlecote…..conspiracy and lies about the dangers of smoking.

    Nothing2declare…don't give fuck about health matters just looking for a loophole to sell baccy….they never did hit the big time on bootlegging but still want to be part of the game….shithouse scammers

    Bolton Smokers club….a real denialist, who says on (dec22) what evidence is there children suffer harm from a parent smoking in a car!!….for fucks sake, Asthma, problems breathing, eye sting, coughing.

    This crock of shite is the online pro smoke lobby…..and not one of them and many others will dare take on Simon Clark the leader of the gang on his “everything is the truth” about the dangers of smoking stance….he leads the campaign and is the undisputed spokesman for smokers.

    (edit) Nothing2declare did once call Simon Clark a cunt for not blogrolling their blog to his blog…that was when they were doing baccy runs/ hire a minibus scam

    You can see why they all ban me…lol.

    I love pro smoke bloggers , the weaker they get the more extreme the shite becomes…Pat Nurse and Vaping poison springs to mind, that nutty old hag has been radicalised….you read it here first Pat Nurse will lose the plot soon.

    That's my New year prediction

    Happy New year.