FFS Cameron!!!

What the fuck is the matter with Call Me Dave? Has he completely lost the plot over the Fourth Reich ‘renegotiations’ or has he finally realised that he’s got no chance and is acting out of total desperation???

Half his cabinet wants out of Europe and he just can’t accept that he’s wrong. Why the hell doesn’t he just present the best he can get, remain neutral and let the voters have their say? Hey, Dave! It’s called democracy! It’s the will the electorate that you were supposedly elected to serve…

Here’s a few comments from the people you are trying to gag :

Theresa May, Home Secretary
‘When it was first enshrined, free movement meant the freedom to move to a job, not the freedom to cross borders to look for work or claim benefits. ‘Yet last year, four out of ten EU migrants — 63,000 people — came here with no definite job whatsoever. We must take some big decisions, face down powerful interests . . . ‘The numbers coming from Europe are unsustainable and the rules have to change. Free movement rules don’t just mean European nationals have the right to reside in Britain, they now mean anybody who has married a European can come here almost without condition.’

Michael Gove, Justice Secretary 
‘I’m not happy with our position with the European Union. But my preference is for a change in Britain’s relationship. My ideal is exactly what the majority of the population think, which is that the present situation is no good, to say that life outside would be perfectly tolerable. We could contemplate [leaving], there would be certain advantages.’

Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary ‘The status quo is simply not acceptable. [It] is not in Britain’s interests . . . if the offer by European partners is nothing, no change, no negotiation, I am pretty clear what the answer of the British people in the referendum is going to be.’ Sajid Javid Business Secretary ‘[Leaving Europe] isn’t something I’d be afraid of . . . Currently costs outweigh benefits. Unless we get major reform, nothing’s off the table.’

Chris Grayling, Leader of Commons‘I’ve made no bones about the fact that I sit on the Eurosceptic wing of the Conservative Party . . . If the British people decide to leave, then we leave. This is a strong country and we will prosper whatever the situation is.’

Theresa Villiers Northern Ireland 
After the Government handed a contract which could have safeguarded 3,000 UK jobs to a German firm: ‘We are bound by European Union rules, which mean . . . we are not permitted to take into account the location of the factory in determining which bid is nominated. That is a consequence of our membership of the EU.’

Boris Johnson, London mayor 
‘Would London flourish outside [of the EU]? Yes of course it would . . . I recall the prophets of doom who said that the City would collapse if we didn’t join the euro, remember that — they said [the City] would dissolve under a giant plague of rats. Absolute rubbish. There is every reason to think, if we got the right free trade deal, that we would flourish . . . I think the price of getting out is lower than it’s ever been.’

Let’s face it Dave – there’s not a lot of your senior colleagues that agree with you and yet you want to gag them and force them to support your misguided point of view. Why?

You’ve lost the argument. The country disagrees, your cabinet disagrees and the majority of your party disagree – so what’s the hidden agenda?


3 responses to “FFS Cameron!!!

  1. The hidden agenda is some kind of big fat pay off to deliver us unto the Reich.

  2. “……they said [the City] would dissolve under a giant plague of rats……”

    They were half right, sort of; the plague was there alright, it's just the adjective 'giant' turned out to modify the noun 'rats' instead.



  3. Well he does fancy himself as Blair Mk 2 and I gather he rather liked the idea of being EU President. Perhaps Cameron has his sights set on the same goal.