Doing the EU two step…

So, Cameron has been to the fatherland to hammer home his demands for reform of the Fourth Reich. Apparently there have been difficult and demanding conversations with the other EU leaders but he’s optimistic that he can deliver and that there is a pathway to a solution that will satisfy voters to stay in the Reich…

Well, sorry Dave, but I simply don’t feel that I’m really dumb enough to believe you!

What’s happening here is that Dave has watered down his demands. Gone is the supremacy of our Supreme Court over the European Court. Gone is the demand that we should be able to negotiate bilateral trade agreements with non-EU countries. This still has to be done at EU level only.

And what about controls over immigration and our own borders? Gone.

How about the Human Rights Act replacing the EU convention on Human Rights? That’s gone too.

Agricultural policy reforms? Gone. Fishing quotas? Gone. In fact just about everything that was on the table a year or so ago has gone. European arrest warrants, common foreign policy, the European Army…

Instead we are left with a wishy washy watered down set of pseudo-demands that add up to two thirds of one half of bugger all. The fundamental subservience of the country to the EU continues unabated under Cameron’s so-called demands. It’s a farcical dance to the tunes of the politicians. Cameron knows he’s going to get nothing from this ‘renegotiation’ so he’s backtracked to a set of ‘demands’ that they can all pretend to argue about before reluctantly giving in.

To quote the bard, it’s “a sound full of fury, signifying nothing”

We’re still dancing the EU two step but my biggest worry is ‘Who is calling the tune’?


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