The plight of the indigenous English

During my sojourn to the wastes of the Norwegian Arctic, I became aware that all is not well back in dear old Blighty. This came to my attention during a discussion on Sky News – or was it the BBC? I’m not sure as the sheer boredom of it was tending to lead towards the arms of Morpheus…

But I digress. The discussion was about the rise of multicultural England and how the latest ethic minority to now emerge is none other than the people that were here in the first place – the white Anglo Saxon! It seems that in the next 50 years, we will become foreigners in our own country, driven out by the influx of Arabs, Asians, Chinese and as far as I could see, just about any bugger.

Needless to say, the discussion was taking place between a couple of immigrants now living and working here.

Now I’m not a racist. A xenophobe maybe, but not a racist. I don’t mind foreigners coming to live and work here provided that they accept our standards and way of life, learn to speak English, work hard and pay their taxes. But where does that leave us?

A picture is forming in my mind of unemployed, piss artist, poverty ridden ‘indigenous English’ who are now living on reservations, deprived of basic facilities and dwelling in run down prefabs or mobile park homes.

And when this all comes to pass, I have to ask whether we will qualify for the sort of aid and charity handouts currently being dished out to similarly suffering people in Syria and the like? Probably not is my guess.

Of course, it could never happen here.

But then again, it happened in America, Australia and New Zealand didn’t it?


8 responses to “The plight of the indigenous English

  1. I am watching this country not so slowly self immolate.

  2. Patrick Macnee. Such an Anglo-Saxon name…

  3. Glad you spotted the irony there, Conan.
    When I scanned google images for a suitable picture, this one was the best I could come up with for a quintessential English man in a bowler hat and brollie!..

  4. Indeed. Self immolation at the profer of a dry match…

  5. I understood the Celts were the original inhabitants but were pushed aside by the invading Angles, Saxons and Jutes. If this is wrong then I blame Mr Evans my history teacher at my council estate Secondary Modern, who also explained why the Saxons became the more dominant yet the country was named after the Angles, but I've forgotten that bit.

  6. But then we all became Normans…!

  7. Speak for yourself, I'm Celtic – Saxon, and I can prove it.

  8. I'm not a racist either!
    Though I will cop to, Barely Culturally Sensitive Xenophobic Bigot if there is some booze involved.

    I would have thought Mrs. Emma Peel – in her leathers – would have been the photograph of choice for you aging, Caucasoid Baby Boomers.