Back from the frozen north…

Here’s some interesting facts about the Northern Lights :

(1) They look fuck all like the pictures you’ve seen.  Those are time lapsed and overexposed to enhance the colours and the movement.

(2) You can’t get decent pictures without a DSLR, a tripod and high speed wide aperture long exposures

(3) The might look green to the camera, but they’re more like dirty pale smudges to the naked eye.

(4) It’s bloody cold up there and it’s difficult to take pictures in a force 9 storm.

Nevertheless, we had a good cruise, saw lots of pretty towns and our cabin looked like this –

It’s a hard life, but somebody has to do it! Normal service will be resumed shortly.
I see that while I was away, the country has gone to shit in a shoebox!..


One response to “Back from the frozen north…

  1. Yeah, but did the cabin look like that when you checked out?
    I reckon ya left the cabin knee-deep in empty Ringnes and/or Hansa lettøl beer cans.
    That would sure explain why you couldn't photograph a fucking sky-wide astronomical event. I reckon after a few Best Bitters, back 'ome in Blighty, you probably couldn't photograph a bloody rain storm.