Off to the frozen north…

I’m off on me travels again.

If I had a bucket list – which I don’t – then the Northern Lights would be on the list. Mrs D has a big birthday on the 13th so we’ve booked a posh cabin on a Hurtigruten ship for the round trip from Bergen all the way north to the Russian border and back.

It’s unusual for us because, as my regular reader will know, we don’t do big ships but this one is a little different; part cruise ship, part coastal steamer, part car ferry. Some ports of call are literally 20 minutes and off again. And we’ll be doing it all in the Arctic night.

Whatever the outcome, it’s going to be an experience so see you in a couple of weeks and in the meantime you can always enjoy my traditional christmas song!


6 responses to “Off to the frozen north…

  1. At least once a year – always the winter – the Northern Lights come down south far enough for me to see them here in Ontario, Canada – when I am not travelling of course. I've never seen them in all their glory in the north. On the summer solstice 1998 The Tutor flew to Resolute Bay, NWT for a stay of 24 hours of non-stop daylight. He only went because he had enough Frequent Flier Points to fly anywhere in North America so he chose Resolute Bay because it would have been the most expensive otherwise. Resolute Bay, NWT (Now Resolute Bay, Nunavut) is so close to the North Pole that you can throw rocks at Santa. And he did.
    74° 41′ 51″ N Lat
    94° 49′ 56″ W Long

  2. Enjoy the trip Mr D, when Mr me lived in Shetland he often saw the Northern Lights, lucky man. It is apparently a sight well worth the wait. Have a wonderful time and a very Happy “significant” Birthday to Mrs D.

  3. Nice to see you around, Kath:- your insight has been missed. I echo the sentiments, and would love a trip to see )AND PHOTOGRAPH) the Northern Lights:- closest I've ever got is Blackpool, and it's just not the same.

    “Big Birthday”? – well a very happy 39th to Mrs D. I'm not sure how it works with ladies, but my younger sister had her 39th this year; and her eldest son had his 34th. Don't recall her being a child bride, but then I AM 65…

  4. Many thanks for those kind words Ted, I have become very disenfranchised of late and found that many of the places I once visited have picked up quite a few, shall we say rude and abrasive commenters. As a result I tend not to comment any more, as you know my mother taught me “if you can't say anything nice, say nothing” so I say nothing. I am not rude to people I don't know, ergo I don't expect people to be rude to me. Treat others as you expect to be treated and all that. Glad to see your still around I do miss our exchange of views and I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. Enjoy the Northern lights Dioclese, only last year i spent 3 hours in a Cromer car park trying to see the Northern lights on the cheap…I failed.

    Anyway just back from my travels….best sign I saw was smokers keep 20 feet away from this bus stop in Los Angeles…note for Dick Puddlecote (Long beach transit company) are the culprits if you want to stalk the C.E.O as you do.

    Back to smokerloony land and the old hag Pat Nurse who is no stranger to foot in her mouth comments on smoking issues but blames it all on unfair bias and tricks from the interviewer…this is her revelation about E-CIGS (17 NOVEMBER Taking Liberties)

    “But today I checked out at a local store a bottle of e liquid because I wanted to see what might be in it. It clearly isn't just hot water like a boiling kettle as vapers promote. The first thing I noticed was a huge TOXIC warning.

    Then another warning about if splashed on the skin seek medical treatment. Then another that if ingested seek immediate medical treatment for POISON (in big letters).

    Each to their own but there is no way I'm putting that shit into my lungs and I completely resent being forced onto something that I believe is far more harmful for me than organic tobacco with chemicals that are only there because the DoH approves them.

    Great init….what the fuck is that all about you may well ask, its all about Vapers being glad they given up the dirty habit of smoking and being proud of it….Pat can't stand any bad mouthing about smoking so she comes out with that shite.

    The loonies aint never going to get anywhere and now they turn on each other….you couldn't make this shit up.

    Pat Nurse once had her own smoking blog and twitter account to troll on but has found out her real name and internet trolling isnt a clever idea with her foul mouthed vicious attacks when she is a reporter for a lincoln newspaper amongst other things.


  6. “……”if you can't say anything nice, say nothing”…….”?

    I either follow Alice Roosevelt Longworth, and I paraphrase,
    “If you can't say anything nice about people, come sit next to me.”

    Or, and I know not who first said it,
    “If you can't say anything nice, don't.”

    I follow the latter over the former more often than not.

    Glad to see your(sic) still around too!