There’s no putting one past Corbyn…

Now I have always maintained that Jeremy Corbyn is an estute and clever man and an able politician. Well, no actually I made that bit up because I think he’s an arsehole…

Yesterday ahead of the debate on the bombing of Syria, he opened his mouth just to prove me right. His argument against Syrian air strikes? Well it’s simple really. He said “There is no hiding place… our bombs will kill people!” No shit, Sherlock!?! Isn’t that what bombs are supposed to do? Or have I missed something?

The problem with our Jezza is that he lives in a world as he would like it to be be rather than in the world as it actually is. And I loved the way he announced that he had persuaded the Shadow Cabinet that there should be a free vote when in fact we all know that the Shadow Cabinet ‘persuaded’ him. Yes, the Ministry of Truth is alive and well and living in Transport House!

He’s also a hypocrite – because if he had enforced a whip on the vote, we would have been forced to point out that he himself defied the Labour whip in Commons votes on over 500 occasions. That fact alone proves that the man has no authority whatsoever over his MPs.

Fair enough, he will put his point of view across in today’s debate. Interestingly, Hilary Benn – the son of a man who was also famous for defying the Labour whip – will argue against him. Unremarkable you would think were it not for the fact that he is the Shadow Foreign Secretary.

Shadow Treasury minister Richard Burgon added: ‘I’m no pacifist – I do believe ISIS must be defeated – but bombing Syria will kill innocent civilians’. Regrettable, but frankly I’d rather kill innocent Syrian civilians – if there are such people – than have suicide bombers on the streets of London killing innocent British civilians. Hard times require hard decisions…

Last week, around 100 Labour MPs were prepared to vote with the government. This week there only seem to be around 30-40 following a concerted campaign of intimidation and bullying.

And in all this furore, have you noticed that there’s not a word been said about how the SNP intend to vote. Good to see our media putting forward a balanced view isn’t it?…


4 responses to “There’s no putting one past Corbyn…

  1. the snp will vote against as they will never support the conservatives on anything.

  2. Regrettable, but frankly I'd rather kill innocent Syrian civilians – if there are such people – than have suicide bombers on the streets of London killing innocent British civilians.

    You forgot to append, “if there are such people” to the terminus of that declarative. Innit?

    Okay, so you don't want suicide bombers on the streets of London, how about regular bombers then, you know, like the IRA and this Corbyn character is well within the blast radius? Change your tune then?

  3. I like your point about his hypocrisy in particular

  4. Sterculian, if you can explain how blasting people over there will stop the baddies over here, I would be interested to see if I can follow your reasoning.
    Corbyn has observed how bombing Iraq and Libya has resulted in chaos and – in view of a dozen countries already funding and smiting about a hundred different factions, probably doubts that a massive expenditure of tax-payers' money will do anything to stop anything. Paris was attacked by Belgian and French nutters. Perhaps it's a job for the police, not the RAF. Oh, and we could perhaps defend ourselves as citizens if we were allowed to carry guns, but we aren't.