Has anyone noticed the remarkable resemblance between our esteemed Prime Minister, David Cameron, and radical Islamic preacher Abdur Raheem Green?
Allegedly, one enjoys sexual relations with pigs whilst the other refuses to eat one.
Perhaps they are related?
I think we should be told…

2 responses to “Lookalikes

  1. Green was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. His father was a colonial administrator in the British Empire[4] and his mother is Polish. His father was agnostic and his mother a devout Roman Catholic. Green was raised in the Roman Catholic faith from a young age.[4]
    Green attended a Monastic Roman Catholic boarding school, St Martin's Ampleforth at Gilling Castle, and then Ampleforth College. When he was 11, his father took a job in Cairo, and so Abdur Raheem would travel to stay there during his school holidays.

    Jaysus, if I were fruit of the loins of an Imperialist tosser and a Pole, AND was named 'Anthony Vatswaf Galvin Green', I'd probably Muslimize too.