Slack Friday

As you can see from the above picture, there was one hell of a rush to the sales on Friday as retailers eagerly anticipated the annual ‘Black Friday’ rush to stock up on goodies at knock down prices.

Hardly a surprise was it really? Retailers have been offering ‘giveaways’ all week. I’ve been getting multiple e-mails every day from Debenhams, John Lewis, M&S, Sainsbury, Tesco and Christ knows how many more besides. And I do mean multiple. Debenhams sent me five different ones in a single day. I bought fuck all.

Mrs D was well prepared for Black Friday. There was a large note in the communal diary that sits on our worktop. It read simply “Do not shop!” So we didn’t.

So now the retailers are left with shed loads of stuff all over their stores that simply hasn’t sold – so they extended Black Friday from a week to a month. Did nobody tell them that people don’t go to shops to buy stuff these days. They do it on line. Good to see them keeping up with modern technology. Perhaps they should spend less time generating e-mails?

I have relented tho’ because I bought Mrs D a Kindle Fire from PC World at a knock down price of £49.99 and was quite impressed with it for a cheapo tablet. I was after a Hudl but for some reason Tesco decided that selling a world beating tablet was a bad idea and they’ve discontinued it. But I digress…

My point is that I’ve just bought myself one on line from the same people for £35. Now does that mean that I got a Black Friday bargain – given that several others are selling it at the same price – or does it mean that when I bought one for her indoors, I got ripped off? It’s a thought.

But what really pissed me off recently was M&S. I bought three shirts from them a few weeks back for just under £80. A week later they were on sale for 20% off at £16 less. I bought the same three on line and then took them back for a refund on the original receipt. But it gets better. We went shopping in town and bought some underwear at 4:30 in the afternoon. The next morning in comes the email and guess what? 20% off – so we reorder and take the originals back.

That really does make you think that you’re being ripped off, doesn’t it?

Is it any wonder that high street stores are feeling the pinch when they take the piss out of customers like that?


2 responses to “Slack Friday

  1. What makes me laugh is how they've tried desperately to push it in the same way as they have it in America, hoping they'll have a surge at the doors and everyone fighting. None of it happened and I'm not convinced the footage we saw of that last year wasn't staged. They show the same little bit of footage from one store and it doesn't last long.

    The other bit that makes me laugh is how it's the only time of year Polaroid and Blaupinkt suddenly become the main player in the TV world. Which brings us back to that rip off you mentioned.

  2. With all that buying – returning – buying again, I reckon yins is burning shed loads of fossil fuels at various stages of these extended purchasing decisions of yours.
    Global Warmer!