I told ’em Oldham….

I’m indebted to Guido Fawkes for the pointing out how Labour’s Oldham candidate milks the allowances system. As he says, nice work if you can get it.

The Oldham by-election on December 3rd will be interesting to say the least. Corbyn cancelled his visit yesterday because of the mess he is making over Syria. This must be a great relief to Jim McMahon because the Labour leader is seen as ‘toxic’ and interestingly appears in only the bottom corner of a single election leaflet for Labour in the constituency.

It looks like a straight fight between Labour and UKIP. Syria and the migration crisis will loom large in the minds of the voters and could well make it rather too close to call despite Labour’s 14,000 majority at the general election.

The failure of Corbyn to parachute a hard left candidate into the fight is an indicator of how much respect the Labour leader commands amongst the constituency parties – the same parties he has been infiltrating with his leftie supporters. Oldham at least stood up to him and selected a candidate who is well known locally – he’s the head of the council – and who supported Liz Kendall in the recent election.

If this one goes tits up for Corbyn and his cabinet and MPs openly defy him, are we on course for another SDP?

I wouldn’t bet against it…


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