The Dioclese Christmas song 2015

Yes – it’s that time of year once more when I get to publish my Christmas song…

This year I figured that if Band Aid could get away with recording the same old shit three times and making a packet in the process, then there was no reason why I couldn’t do the same thing myself – so here it is! Feel free to send your charitable donations via PayPal to and I promise to put the money to good use by stuffing my face on the big day!

Of course, I wonder how long it will be before the buggers at YouTube take the video down when some do-gooding God botherer or racial rights lawyer moans and bleats about it being in bad taste. Not long I’ll bet – so here’s a link to the audio as well just in case.

That’s the trouble with Christians and Africans. No sense of humour…

+ + + UPDATE + + +
Well, that didn’t take long! I just got a copyright infringement notice from YouTube.
Bugger that : Here’s a link to the video. You can always try that if the killjoys block it in your country!


5 responses to “The Dioclese Christmas song 2015

  1. This christmas we should all have a thought for all the members of the Geldof clan who are no longer around to watch this video.

    Do you have a connexion to that band Player?

  2. The Tutor remembers that song from, like, when I was 5 years old. The first time I heard it – a few years ago – I was struck my one line in particular. The line “Well, there won't be snow in Africa this Christmas time” is inane I thought. With all the troubles of plague, pestilence, famine and war in Africa, that's all they need is freezing temperatures and snow. Fuck, what a stupid line. And I do understand the Western Anglospheric Caucasoid sentimentality of 'snow on christmas morn,',

  3. Not only Anglo centric/Caucasoid but also Hemispherist- we don't get snow in the Antipodes at Christmas.

  4. That's not the only thing y'all down under don't get at christmas. You don't get attention

  5. Hey, Mr D, is that a collaboration with the missus? Probably best to deposit the money direct into Colonel Bannana Mugumbo's off-shore account.