That Lord’s Prayer advert…

So what’s all this weeping and wailing about not showing an advert for the Lord’s prayer in cinemas in the run up to Christmas?

Apparently, the decision not to run it is being described by the human rights (steam comes from ears!) loonies as a threat to our essential British values FFS!

The Equality Commission said any supposed ‘offence’ caused to non-Christians would be ‘very subjective’ and a spokesman added ‘We are concerned by any blanket ban on adverts by all religious groups. There is nothing in law that prevents Christian organisations promoting their faith through adverts.’ Yesterday thousands of movie-goers threatened to boycott the three cinema chains that banned the advert.

David Cameron also weighed into the intensifying row, branding the ban ‘ridiculous’. And Mayor of London Boris Johnson called it ‘outrageous’. The Church of England called on DCM, which sells advertising space for the three chains, to think again.

Rev Arun Arora, the Church of England’s director of communications, called on DCM to ‘show the strength’ to admit it had ‘made a mistake’. Shami Chakrabarti, of pressure group Liberty, said the ‘thought police’ had ‘invaded the sacred space of cinema’. Labour MP David Lammy said it was ‘beyond belief’.

Well this is all bollocks isn’t it? The Church of England knew full well when it tried to run this advertisement that DCM does not accept advertisements of a religious or political nature. It’s all just a publicity stunt to promote the Church of England. They’re not the ones that ‘made a mistake’ – that was the Church of England. And there’s no point in politicians charging in as well because they don’t run political ads either, so they can all fuck off and mind their own business.

Of course, this could all be a great way of diverting attention away from the careless comment by the Archbish of Cunterbury that, in the wake of the Paris attacks, he’s doubting that God exists.

Frankly, Welby old son, that makes two of us and by trying to ram it down our throats you are driving far more people away than you are attracting.


3 responses to “That Lord’s Prayer advert…

  1. Who cares, these days they only show shite at main stream cinemas anyway.

  2. Boris is still around?
    Is he still blonde and quoting Cincinnatus when asked if he will ever take a stab at becoming Prime Minister?
    That impressed the fuck out of The Tutor when Blonde Boris did that the first time back in 2006. This one is from 2013:

    How often has he done it?

  3. Has no one realised that if the Lord's Prayer is allowed, then legally, Ram Jam Choudhary will have the right to read from the Koran to tell us all how Islam will take over the world?