Is Cameron really a Time Lord ?

Proof has emerged that The Doctor is alive and well and living amongst us.

These dramatic pictures were taken behind doors in Downing Street as the 83rd Doctor, Tony Blair, regenerated into David Cameron.

This explains why these two men’s thinking is so alien to most of the population.

Of course, you might doubt this unassailable evidence as the two men have been seen side by side by the public in the past, but let’s not forget that the Tardis – stored safely away in the Number 10 basement – is a time travelling machine so it’s quite possible for a Time Lord to be in two places at the same time.

Speculation is now mounting as to whether Iain Duncan-Smith is just another alien regeneration and whether Jeremy Corbyn is really The Master…


One response to “Is Cameron really a Time Lord ?

  1. The Tutor understands the Doctor Who references.
    I do not.
    What I do understand is that the British Electorate voted with relish for both. So maybe they are merely separate manifestations of the same alien.