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  1. Er, what about, 'none of the above'. We are really wretched in the West to put up with this sort of shit. We are at war and should act accordingly. There is a strain in our society that baulks at casualties. How can we defeat a ideologically motivated enemy without incurring loss?

  2. Coat the bombs and bullets in pork fat.

  3. I don't really care – in fact frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn – about anyone else's religious affiliation, sexual orientation, football team followed, or any other item of choice; but with the massive proviso that they keep it to themselves, don't affect my humdrum little life and they certainly must not make any demands on me to do anything to accommodate their preferences.

    If they really must make pronouncements from the rooftops and/or demand that I change my behaviour, opinions or thoughts, then they must accept that my inevitable response will be “Fuck off and die”.

    Harsh perhaps, but sincere.

  4. Always remember that without religion we'd have to invent another reason to kill each other…

    And wasn't Welby a right cunt too. I think I'd prefer the old Archdruid Rowan back! He might have been a dickhead, but at least he was a consistent dickhead. The Archbishop questions the existence of God? What a twat. Sack him immediately!

  5. At least Welby has er, not seen the light, at last. Must be a bit of a bugger to realise his whole life is a sham.

  6. I like how HAMAS gets the RPG launcher.
    They're hard-core bastards, they are.
    The Tutor and I had dealings with Hamas in Lebanon in August 2006. (Are you reading this Rickie?). The cute one told me about the time the Christian Phalange – allies of the IDF – came into the Sabra neighbourhood of Beirut and the near-by Shatila refugee camp for some partying in September, 1982. Highlight of his childhood he tells me.
    The Tutor also likes to tell me stories about the wonderful times he spent in the former Yugoslavia watching the christian Serbs and Croats take turns partying with the Bozniacs.

    Millions of the 'Other' die every year to keep the West supplied with 24/7/365 cheap bananas.