Cam Force One

Clearly in the wake of the Paris attacks, now is a good time to bury bad news. Where did I hear that before?…

The government is going to spend £10 million of taxpayers’ money on refurbishing an RAF Voyager aircraft for use by the Prime Minister, his cronies, and the Royal Family. About the only good thing I can think to say about that is that at least it’s less than the £100 million Blair wanted to spend on his.

Apparently this is a ‘cost saving’ because it will save £775,000 a year on the current cost of chartering aircraft for official visits. Now I’m a simply soul, but in my book moving money out of the ‘expenses’ side of your accounts into the ‘capital expenditure’ side still means you’ve got less money than you started with.

Also being simple, the maths says that if you divide the ‘investment’ by the ‘savings’ it still takes about 14 years to break even, doesn’t it?

Government officials insist that Mr Cameron’s version will not contain showers or a bar, so that’s OK then.

There is no way this expenditure can be justified when it is clearly more cost effective to keep the current system. I could however suggest that the current system could be scaled back if their requirements were a little bit more “we’re all in it together” and a little less “fuck you because I’m alright Jack”…


2 responses to “Cam Force One

  1. That's 10million just for the aircraft, by the time all the running costs are added it will be much more and whilst there may not be a bar as such, I bet there will be a trolley packed with alcoholic refreshments available.

  2. More like sachets of varying qualities of cocaine, depending on the rank of the “snorter”.