Free speech : Even I have my limits…

Coincidentally, while the Paris attacks were going on, there was a meeting in Bedford called ‘Quiz a Muslim’ where the public were invited to discuss Islam with a panel of muslim spokespersons claiming to represent the Islamic community.

Let me say straight away that I don’t think these people were representative of the vast majority of muslims.

The views they were putting forward were contradictory to any set of British values that I recognise and yet these choose to live in Britain. Amongst the panellists was Moazzem Begg, a former Guantanamo Bay inmate and founder of campaign group Cage, whose director called Jihadi John a ‘beautiful young man’ – a man who has reported recently received from me, the British tax payer, the sum of no less than £1 million. Thanks a lot HMG!

The panellists said that there is an ‘Islamic’ duty to ‘struggle’ for an ‘Islamic state’. Begg is reported to have said to the meeting ‘Why can’t we have unity in our countries? If that is under a khilafah (Islamic state) so be it.’ Panellists backed the proposition that ‘God’s law’ should always be ‘superior’ to ‘man-made law’.

Another panellist, Dr Sheikh Haitham Al Haddad, of the Muslim Research and Development Organisation – who has previously called jihad ‘one of the most virtuous acts to Allah’ said: ‘We should not ask if we need to catch up with the British. We should be partners in defining what British is… in what the law of the land is.’

These so called ‘experts’ clearly think that Britain is a crock of shit and that we should all bow to the will of Allah. The ‘will of Allah’ being, of course, as defined and enforced by the aforementioned panel of experts.

Apparently, none of the speakers ‘has broken any law’. Well, I thought there was a law against supporting terrorism and inciting religious or racial hatred – but maybe I’m just an ignorant infidel?

My answer to these people is very simple : If you think our country is so shite, then why do you want to live here? Why don’t you just fuck off to Syria and join Islamic State then at least we can have a fair pop and bombing the shit out of you and sending you off to paradise to enjoy your virgins. Although I suspect you will get one hell of a shock when you get to your so called ‘paradise’.

That’s my right of free speech exercised. I suspect that if you gained power, then I wouldn’t be allowed to say such things without having my head chopped off.

I fear for my grandchildren when cunts this this are allowed to spout such total and absolute bollocks and spread such bile and vitriol unchallenged…


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  1. Do they have a welfare and benefits system in Syria. I would imagine the healthcare is not free either is it?

  2. ….and if British people were to hold a meeting designed to expose such views and to counter them, they'd end up in a police cell.


  3. I'm glad all the wackos go to Britain. The Muslims in The Canadas are very well behaved and don't utter a peep. Unless they're Muslims in Quebec, they they tend to go jihad, but that is not because they are Muslims, it is because they are Quebecers. Frog-Quebec Separatists in Canada have killed more Canadians – and tortured more British – folks than have Muslims killed or tortured in Canada.

    PM at the time, Pierre Trudeau is the current PM's father.

  4. It's clear from the panel's comments, as reported above, that Muslims do not come to Britain to integrate, but to impose their medieval & misogynistic habits on us all.
    I'll consider their ideas after the first new Christian church is built in Saudi Arabia.

  5. Bunny

    I notice from the attendees at the meeting that it was a pretty much an all Muslim event and not one to inform non-Muslims about the faith.

    Preaching to the converted so to speak.

  6. “…an ‘Islamic’ duty to ‘struggle’ for an ‘Islamic state’…”

    Then might I suggest they fuck off to where there already is an islamic state? Then they need struggle no further but just bask in its many obvious delights.

  7. This is where freedom of speech comes into its own. Their vile ideology is exposed for all to see.

  8. I hear Saudi is nice this time of the year. Get to see a few crucifixions, beheadings and floggings.

  9. My son posted a picture today it said this on it “To all those brave civilians and keyboard warriors who want to hunt down and kill isis …… HERE IS WHERE TO GO!” and a picture of the army recruiting office then below the picture it says “and here's the phone number” then the phone number and it finishes “NOW SHUT THE HELL UP”, I think he has a fair point it's him and the other serving soldiers who have to deal with these scum bags there is a reason why Moazzem Begg was in Guantanamo Bay and it wasn't his cuddly nature that got him there.

  10. “…there is a reason why Moazzem Begg was in Guantanamo Bay…”

    And Shaker Aamer – who damn well is NOT British, yet our élite are prostrating themselves before him and donning the sackcloth & ashes. No doubt, in the true spirit of 'austerity', we taxpayers will give him a huge sum, despite the fact that our rulers say we can't afford decent security, hospitals, care for the elderly etc.

    Naturally largesse to foreigners of a certain religion takes priority. Especially those who spent time “working for Islamic Charities” in Afghanistan.

  11. Except, of course, the army is not in Syria or Iraq…

    I tried the Naval Reserve when I was younger as I wanted to see if I could fit in with military life. I don't take orders very well, so I'll pass. If I ever have to fight an invader, it won't be in uniform.

  12. There's probably a comedy slot at the mosque on a Friday when they all have a good laugh at the stupid kuffir.


  13. Yet! Although it is looking very unlikely many soldiers will get Christmas leave (my son being one of them) wonder why that is! And whilst we currently have no forces in Iraq may I just point out we did, I know because my brother was one of them. 🙂
    People always assume soldiers want to fight and kill people this is not true. As you know my son is a medic and spent most of his 2 times in Afghanistan helping people (many of them local) not shooting at them.

  14. Air strikes are much more likely. Boots on the ground much less so.

  15. Has anyone noticed the resemblance of Sheikh Raheem Green and our current Prime Minister?