Cunts in the Jungle 2015

Yes, it’s that time of the year when we roll out 12 has been cunts – sorry that should be 14 because I forgot Ant and Dec – desperate for some media attention and chuck them into the Australian jungle to play plastic Abo!

Cheap telly, paid for by fucking idiot couch potatoes ringing premium lines to vote people off the ‘show’. Once was enough. Twice was too many. This is series FIFTEEN ffs!!!!

Same old shit. Same old crap format. Same old twat presenters. Same old same old…

Below are the so called celebrities. I recognised two of them. Two more of them I thought “Christ in a handcart! The years have not been kind!” and the rest I still don’t know who they are. See how many you can get :

OK. Game over. Bet you couldn’t name six of them.
Now – you still want to watch this crap?


5 responses to “Cunts in the Jungle 2015

  1. I couldn't name any of them – thank God!

  2. Nope, can't name 6, can only guess at Bannatyne, Dyer and Eubank. Also some sort of horse faced minor royal on the top row. Don't have a scooby about the rest

  3. I got 4 …..I actually enjoy the show, its compelling bollocks for at least 5 mins , …..its a bit like Sky News coverage of Paris, one cup of coffee and then the T.V goes off.

    * Parish Notice*

    Rickie will be away travelling which includes California ,, the world leaders in protection for non smokers and will be not posting for at least 3 weeks.

  4. Can only name 3 (and that's because Uncle Dickie named 2 of them).
    Never watched this shit anyway. I'd rather pluck my nasal hairs than end up with a lower IQ for having been exposed to this drivel. TAABOC (They're all a bunch of c***s)

  5. I can't name one. Should I be proud, or ashamed?