Paris. Told you so.

Some little while back, I wrote on here that Islamic State were smuggling jihadists into Europe amongst the hundreds of thousands of migrants crossing into Europe. Guess what? On Friday night these barbaric nutters murdered a load of innocent civilians in Paris and it emerged that at least one and probably more of the perpetrators crossed into Europe with the migrants.

If a stupid old fool like me could see this, why the hell couldn’t the people running the various countries in Europe see it as well and take some action to stop it – like closing the borders or sending the migrants back?

So who’s next? Well, my money is on Berlin. Merkel’s open door policy on migrants is deeply unpopular and is inviting more jihadists to step forward and commit more attrocities. Germany is an attractive target because an attack on the scale of the one in Paris might just force Merkel out of power.

Imagine the propaganda victory for Islamic State of they could claim to have brought down a head of state of the most powerful country in the EU!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It’s time to stop playing childish games and take these bastards on. Russia is pissed off with them and offering to co-operate with the US but Obama talks a good talk and refuses to deal with the wicked communists. The Chinese have even offered to help. Britain is going through the motions and sitting on its hands. The French might now actually decide to get their hands dirty.

Boots on the ground not bombs in the air will deal with this lot. And if we don’t do it now, then it’ll just get worse. Berlin next and then who knows? Civil war on the streets of Europe?

It’s not impossible…


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  1. Exactly! I mean WTF did they expect fer Christ's sake. You import something like 40 million muslims into a borderless EU, and then you wonder why it all blows up in your face – literally! The political elites of Europe past and present have blood on their hands along with all the lefty “progressives”, Al Beeb and the MSM. They've been pushing this shit for decades.

    As if to perfectly encapsulate the idiocy that reigns, the authorities response is that they arrest a woman because she tweeted that she won't have muslims in her salon. Yeah, that's gonna really scare the terrorists that isn't it?

    Is it me, or has the world gone completely f*cking barking mad !

  2. Agreed. Completely obvious. Read Professor Niall Ferguson's piece in the Sunday Times yesterday – I completely agree with it. We are in desperate danger.

  3. We all knew this was coming D, it's the anticipation of it that has kept me away from the news of late. I had found myself getting more and more annoyed with this Syria terrorist smuggling, I feel for the people of Paris but the communists Hollande and Merkel have brought this on all of us, and we will all pay. What the F*K has Paris been up to since the Charlie Hebdo attacks that this has happened again in 10 months! Yet still those in charge are planning the first landings of Syrian refugees here this week. All I can say is at least our government have done some checking and actually gone to Syria and chosen who they want and not just taken anyone. But it's still very worrying.

  4. Nick Griffin (B.N.P) told you so back in 2009

    Western values, freedom of speech, democracy and rights for women are incompatible with Islam, which is a cancer eating away at our freedoms and our democracy and rights for our women and something needs to be done about it”.

    Now he sounds like every other tom dick and Teresa May, its all a bit too late now.


  5. “……We all knew this was coming D……”

    Speak for yourself. I didn't. And if that is the case, why did you do nothing? If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the precipitate!

  6. I liked you better when you droned on about smoking and smokers and shit.

  7. “…..Berlin next and then who knows?….”

    There's a song in that somewhere. First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin?
    Speaking of which,
    One night in Paris is like a year in any other place
    One night in Paris Will wipe the smile off your pretty face

    “…….It's time to stop playing childish games and take these bastards on……”

    What is wrong with you people? Are ya daft? Ya can't 'take on' and idea with 'boots on the ground'. When will the stupid West learn?

    Take on Me?
    Take me On?
    I'll be gone
    In a day or two

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  9. Oh dear.
    A deletion.
    For the best I reckon. We ladies should stick together in our battle against the vile Western Patriarchy! We shouldn't appear to be divided, but to speak with one voice.

  10. This is what the West has to do!

    Every time you get one, many more replace him/her.

  11. I liked you better before I knew you helped terrorists.

  12. Helped?

    Perhaps another will take pity on your ignorance and explain to you my 'rather-opaque-to-you' word salads. Though I would be disappointed as it is important to me that you remain oblivious to the true content of my prose. Half of the fun is writing shite most of my readers don't understand. I'm a uppity. posh snob that way. Sorry.