Not that bloody bear again!

Rather appropriately, it’s Friday the Thirteenth and if anything was designed to aggravate your triskaidekaphobia it’s bloody Children in Need!

That’s bad enough, but last night we were ‘treated’ to an extension of the annual BBC bunfest when seriously unfunny Welsh comedian Rob Bryden teamed up with Welsh has been singer Tom Jones in
aid of raising money to piss up the wall with Pudsey.

Now I know that Jones is rumoured to be vacating his chair on that other crock of talentless shit ‘The Voice’ so I can only assume that this is an extension of his rather dismal O2 performance with Van Morrison as an attempt to get himself back into the public eye.

As for the Bryden / Jones dream team, well they’re both Welsh and the Welsh are renowned for having no sense of humour and, as Flanders and Swann once so aptly put it, ‘sing much too loud, much too often and flat’…

So having put that crock of shit into perspective, tonight we get the second instalment of talentless has beens and never weres propelling themselves into the public eye in the name of ‘cheritee, mate. Cheritee’ as the equally unfunny Harry Enfield used to say.

This is, of course, the big launch of the official ‘Chugger Season’ and we can expect many, many more attempts to separate us from our hard earned dosh in the run up to Christmas.

I’ll give them the same as last year.  Fuck all!


3 responses to “Not that bloody bear again!

  1. Popped into the local PO this morning – to be confronted by two cheery middle-aged ladies dressed in what can only be described as XXXXXXL babygrows. One had pigtails and a large bucket…

    I declined.

  2. Should have thrown up in the bucket like a kid.

  3. “……..we can expect many, many more attempts to separate us from our hard earned dosh in the run up to Christmas……”

    Who are you trying to fool? Your dosh is no more hard-earned than is mine; and mine is easily obtained. In fact nobody in The West can claim their dosh is hard-earned, except maybe first generation immigrants who work themselves to death so their children can benefit in the future from dosh which is not hard-earned. Those Chai Wallahs who ply the tracks of India Rail selling clay mugs of tea for 2 Rupees, now that's hard-earned dosh

    Doe Rupee

    And these folks are surprisingly generous with what little they have come Diwali time. This Diwali, The Tutor promises me a three-foot Rangoli of his manhood.