India or the EU ?

Say hello to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is visiting London this week and to hold talks with David Cameron on the relationship between India and the UK.

Like Australia and New Zealand, Indian rather got the shitty end of the stick when the traitor Heath signed us up to be part of the Fourth Reich and whilst we are still a member there is, frankly, not a lot we can do about it.

The comparison between India and the Reich is actually quite interesting. For example, did you know that India invests more in the UK than the whole of the EU combined? No? I thought not. And in return, we are the third largest investor in India. Many British companies, such as JCB, prefer to do business in India than in the EU.

There was a time when Indian students came to Britain to study at our universities. They were, of course, paying students but Cameron decided he had to appear to be doing something about immigration and because we can’t do anything about EU migrants coming here, he tightened up on students from places like India so now the Indians go to America instead.

And does it make sense to turn away skilled people from India whilst allowing unskilled labour from the continent to come here unhindered? I don’t think so.

Mr Modi would like to see trade tariff agreements in place between out two countries, but the trade tariffs are agreed in Brussel and we’re not allowed to do that ourselves any more.

India is a key ally and a vast and generally benign force in a region that could do with more democracy. In many, many ways because our freedom of choice, of manoeuvre, is controlled by Brussels, we’re less independent now than India was in 1947.

Our ties with india go way back. Despite lack of conscription, 1.3 million Inidans vounteered to fight in WW1 and 2.5 million in WWII. When it comes to trade, though, it’s a different story. Britain’s natural ties – of language and law, habit and history, culture and kinship – are scrambled by protectionist European tariffs.

Mr Modi’s visits just brought home to me how much we have in common with India, and how little we have in common with the EU and it’s outdated policies.


7 responses to “India or the EU ?

  1. Very interesting. Thank you.

  2. I find everything, even in the remotest areas of our lives, is turned to shit by being part of a corrupt, scheming and very nasty Fourth Reich. One hidden behind the fawning States of the Continent, just as was the case in 1939.

  3. I agree. The sooner we leave the better.

  4. As our national dish is Chicken Tikka, the majority of Brits would welcome closer ties with where it originated.

    Free from the EU yoke, we could thrive with trade with the Commonwealth again.

  5. We are trading with India and that aint going to change is it?

    Its not EU or India at all……not now and not never.

    I reckon there will be a lot of this mumbo jumbo being spouted during the referendum…the truth just gets lost.


  6. “……And does it make sense to turn away skilled people from India whilst allowing unskilled labour from the continent to come here unhindered? I don't think so….”

    Are you mad?
    The West has plenty of skilled folks – we don't need anymore. What we do need is folks to clean toilets and pick farm produce. The local, native-borns would rather go on the dole than do it, so we import Third-Worlders to do it.

  7. We have enough morons living on benefits who are unskilled but too 'important' to clean toilets. It's beneath them.

    Let the fuckers starve if they don't want the job!