Feeling hard up?

Frankly, this picture doesn’t really need a lot of additional comment from me, does it?

Can anyone explain to me how the hell some of these salaries are justified?Why are we paying the CEO of an NHS trust £1.26 million? Why is a council boss paying himself £411,025 a year? And more to the point, who the hell authorised these payments???

The government bangs on about reducing costs and yet these scandalous salaries are allowed to be paid! Amazingly, of course, these are throw backs to the contracts initiated by Gordon Brown and his cronies whilst they spent their time working out ways to screw people who earned far less.

Want any more examples of how corrupt Corbynomics is likley to be? Well, look no further…
Fucking hypocrites, the lot of ’em!


6 responses to “Feeling hard up?

  1. “………these scandalous salaries……..”

    How do you determine at what point a salary ceases being acceptable and becomes scandalous?

    For example this 411,025 paid to one Jill Stannard of Cumbria County Council is declared to be 'scandalous'; It being 16 times the average wage in the area and all. I can just imagine the discussion between those who have the power to set salaries and one Dioclese, had he been the incumbent instead of Ms. Jill Stannard.

    Dioclese: “You want to pay me 411,025 quid? Are you mad? That is scandalous! How dare you? That's 16 times the average wage here 'bouts! I am not worth that. If it's all the same to you, I will not accept that scandalous sum; I'll take 25,689 and 6 pence.”

    The Paymasters: “Well, noble sentiment Mr. Dioclese, but talk it over with the wife and kids. We'll discuss it again tomorrow.”

    Dioclese: “You lot think I'm a fool not to accept the remuneration that is offered?

    The Paymasters: “Well, the money is in the payroll budget, if you don't take it well have to give some of it to that McMasters guy down the hall from you. You knpw the guy who is constantly scratching his balls and then sniffing his fingers? We'd rather you get it.”

  2. And since when is the concept of 'Justification' applicable to the setting of wages?
    Wages, like all prices, are set by the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace.
    Unions for the workers, and/or Unions for the Managers fuck about with The Hand. The price is set not by justification per se but by what the market will bear. The trick is to optimize your earnings such that you do not price yourself out of the skewed-to-fuck marketplace.

  3. No one ever says who employs these characters, and who (name), sets the level of their wages.

  4. Market rules can't be applied to senior public sector vultures: they have their own agency which ensures that anyone who is dismissed/has to resign merely gets on their own controlled merry-go-round (carousel to you furriners) for a quick game of musical chairs for another vampiric position.

  5. Precisely. The market only operates in the private sector.

  6. Being in The Canadas, we learn both Merry-Go-Round and Carousel. Also in The Canadas, this 'change of vampiric position' is known as 'Seconded to the Ministry'. And all I can say to the two of you is:

    “So jealz!”