How much more are we not being told?

In the wake of the ‘alleged’ bomb that blew up the Russian plane over Sinai, it has emerged that a Thomson jet carrying British tourists to Sharm was fired at by a rocket back in August.

The co-pilot was at the controls at the time and the rocket was spotted by the pilot. The jet took evasive action and came within ‘less than 1,000 ft’ of the approaching missile.

The 189 passengers weren’t told about the attack but the crew were so shaken up the were grounded in Sharm overnight to compose themselves.

The Department for Transport said it investigated the incident and concluded it was not a targeted attack.It said it was “likely to be connected to routine exercises being conducted by the Egyptian military in the area at the time”. The Egyptian military described that claim as ‘preposterous’.

Meanwhile, the Egyptians are playing silly buggers at Sharm and turning away planes flown out to repatriate holidaymakers.

My view is that I wouldn’t even consider going on holiday to a place in the centre of a war zone, where Islamic State are reported to be 20 miles up the road, and where the combatants are barbaric religious head cases who will stop at nothing to ‘kill the infidels’.

Did they fire a missile at a passing jet? Probably. Have there been other incidents like this that we don’t know about? I’d put money on it.

Is a cheap holiday in the sun worth risking your life over? Do I really have to answer that?..

Apparently so…


12 responses to “How much more are we not being told?

  1. Not entirely disputing the story but how likely is that a lumbering passenger jet is able to take evasive action from a rocket no matter how skilled the pilots? If it happened – and I'm not saying it did or didn't – then it's most likely a malfunction in the rocket caused it to miss, if anything.

    I do agree that anyone considering holidaying in countries that are Islamic or have majority Islamic populations – depending upon your definition – need their head examined.

  2. “……My view is that I wouldn't even consider going on holiday to a place in the centre of a war zone, where Islamic State are reported to be 20 miles up the road, and where the combatants are barbaric religious head cases who will stop at nothing to 'kill the infidels'……”

    Brit-fuck coward!
    I can just see you at the bar in your four star hotel moaning and whinging about the fact you can't go out to visit the sights because of the thick particulate(1) air pollution.
    The Tutor and yours truly have spent a good chunk of the last 10 years doing exactly that. Granted, it wasn't Islamic State, but the places were always 'war-ish' zones.

    (1) bullets

  3. Islamaniacs know Sterculian and Tutor and sheeple will still visit the war-ish zones and provide targets forever.

    Don't visit Sharm/Egypt end of……its their economy that's being fucked, it will be money that sorts it out, plenty of other winter sun destinations to choose instead.

    Terrorists haven't won, they just cripple their economy instead….Tourist sanctions are the answer, not ever so nice chit chats between Prime Ministers as happened last week live on T.V


  4. It has nothing to do with cowardice. It is common sense. Unless you can take an AK47 for self defence and take few of the fuckers down with you, why be a target? And if you do, you provide them with a propaganda coup.

    Best not.

  5. I agree. it has no more to do with cowardice than my comment has to do with seriousness.

  6. Many terrorists own shares and stock in Tobacco companies. Smokers hate our freedom and fund terrorists!
    It is Sterculian and 'The' Tutor, the definite article is required. I guess you are unaware of what The Tutor and I do for a very poor living – we are MSF-like mercenary Physicians! We don't care who the fuck we suture or palpitate, and even the worst terrorists appreciate my talented DRE technique so much so they don't decapitate me afterwards – they just peel me a grape and light me a smoke.

  7. I think you should think for yourself and give a fuck about re-arming terrorist groups
    Yes some smokers do indeed hate freedoms enjoyed by the vast majority since 2007.


  8. Many years ago, Mark Steyn offered advice for anyone travelling to such places – following hostage taking. Pack heat, learn how to use it and don't get taken alive. Sound advice. Not going in the first place is sounder.;)

  9. Naughty, naughty! ;D

  10. The Canadian Mark Steyn? Meh, he's a tad too arch-conservative for my tastes. His views on Freedom of Speech get people shanked in public places. He's the kind of cunt who would yell “Fire” in a theatre full of British-critters. Wait! So would I. Never mind.

  11. Supposing there is a fire?

  12. Supposing there is a fire?