Park where you like !

A Small Town Man post…

Here in Smalltown, we’re very upstanding citizens. Oh, yes! You won’t catch our upright citizens flaunting the laws of the land. Well, most of the time anyway.

This month the police have become very concerned about Bobbies on the beat and how it will all be effected by the wicked Tories’ budget cut – so they’ve come up with a practical solution. They’re going to stop enforcing parking regulations. This is wonderful news for our hard working citizens as they can now park where they like all day without having to pay the extortionate £1.50 a day car park charges.

We’re were a little confused as to why the Police would tell people they’re going to do this – so we asked the head of Our Safer Neighbourhood Team how it would all work. Inspector Dick Missing told us “We’ve been ignoring parking infringements for some time now but we thought if we told people about it, then we wouldn’t get so many irate householders ringing us up about illegal parking.”

We went out on the streets to see how this would save money and caught WPCSO Dawn Raider walking along a street of illegally parked cars. We asked her about the new policy. She told us “Well, I walk down here anyway but now I don’t have to stop and write parking tickets, I can get around my beat quicker so there’s more time for me to do other things at the station. Of course, when they abandon the beat Bobby altogether I’ll have a lot more time to spare and that’s got to be a good thing!”

I suppose when you think about it in those terms, it makes perfect sense. Oh, yes!…


5 responses to “Park where you like !

  1. I'm half expecting the Fab Four to walk past in that photograph.

  2. The only problem being that the Police don't enforce parking regulations, that's the responsibility of the local Council.

    The Police enforce moving vehicle regulations, when there not investigating all of the hate crime of course

  3. Sorry to contradict you, but that's not so :
    Council enforce the car parks and the residents parking areas.
    The police are responsible for the rest…

  4. “……without having to pay the extortionate £1.50 a day car park charges…..”

    Ummmm, sarcasm. right? One quid ten bob to park all day? That is cheap! That amount would allow me to park for one hour at a meter. All day would be from 15 to 20 quid in Brit-Buck money

  5. No actually. It's not even remotely sarcastic. That's exactly how it is around here believe it or not!