It’s getting nasty in the Fatherland

Welcome to the small German town of Sumte where the population of 102 is facing in influx of 750 migrants to be housed in redundant office buildings. Naturally they’re a bit pissed off at the prospect of becoming and Islam enclave. So far their protest have only managed to reduce the influx from the 1,000 originally proposed. It’s symptomatic of the backlash that’s now happening in Germany over Merkel’s open door migration policy.

The weekend also saw huge rifts appear between Mrs. Merkel’s CDU party and her sister CSU party in Bavaria which is demanding a closure of Germany’s frontier with Austria to any more migrants.

In Saxony more than 100 locals hurled fireworks at asylum seekers and police as they attempted on Sunday to prevent refugees moving into local accommodation. In Magdeburg on Sunday morning a mob of 30 people, some carrying baseball bats, chased three Syrians and beat them. Police moved in to protect the men.

In Wismar in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – Angela Merkel’s home state – on Saturday evening two Syrians aged 31 and 33 were attacked by baseball-bat wielding thugs outside a refugee centre.

In Freital – a crucible of trouble in recent weeks where right-wingers even tried to assassinate a left-wing politician with a car bomb because of his support for a local refugee home – there was another firebomb attack against an apartment building housing eight migrants. The bomb exploded against the bedroom window of a resident who was wounded with shrapnel in the face.

And all this against the backdrop of 218,000 migrants crossing the Med in October alone – 2,000 more than in the whole of the previous year. Something has to give – and it would appear to be the patience of the German people. The press is quick to describe these people as ‘neo-nazis’ and compare the violence to the Third Reich treatment of jews and gypsies but I think that’s press propaganda. The Germans are clearly simply being over-run and they’ve had enough! I can’t say I blame them.

On a lighter note, a good God fearing Christian woman at my bridge group last week said she was thinking of having a Syrian refugee for Christmas. I simply replied ‘I suppose it will make a change from turkey?”

She was not amused…


6 responses to “It’s getting nasty in the Fatherland

  1. Those Bridge players have no sense of humour.
    Those over-run and overwrought Germans you describe are xenophobes and bigots.
    They are defining an US and a Them and deciding that there should be a distance between the two. I can't blame them though. With an absorption of “The Other” the Square Heads cannot be certain that the subsequent society so constituted would be as democratic and freedom-loving as the one now in place. If it could be guaranteed that all newcomers would not fuck with the system that allowed them in, things would be fine. But those guarantees cannot be made. Of course all this presupposes a belief that the Western Judeo-Christian Worldview is superior. I agree. It is. I am not a result of it and I appreciate it.

  2. Did the god fearing christian make the offer loud enough so the whole room heard her?

    The small town of Great Yarmouth should also be closed to immigrants….honestly its fucking well 2 Lithuanians etc to every Brit….I mean double, easily double.

    This new multi national culture seems most evident by the custom of men in shell/track suits standing by their front door looking shifty and goups of men doing “deals” everywhere.

    However I am also convinced that this sort of mass immgration does boost the local economy becasue the cunts have money and spend it….Yarmouth was very busy last saturday and out of season too.


  3. Leave the immigrants alone. Someone has to bring in the cheap tobacco.

  4. I hear the Germans are opening up the old Concentrations camps: ' Loitering makes you free'. I suggest they make liberal use of the showers.

  5. “The press is quick to describe these people as 'neo-nazis' and compare the violence to the Third Reich treatment of jews and gypsies but I think that's press propaganda.”

    It seems to no longer be working. The demands of the 'refugees' and the way they treat their host country has put paid to it's effectiveness.

  6. It's not going to end well, is it….?