Friday moaning music…

We had a few comments after last week’s offering about slagging off Alice Springs and being miserable whingeing Pommie bastards, so to redress the balance here’s a song about miserable whingeing bastards of all persuasions based on my comment that I met a couple of right miserable sods on the boat who never stopped complaining.

They were Australians…

If you want the lyrics or the download for your iPod, then you can get it over at his place

And here’s a little moan about YouTube. Because Google have been pissing around with Google+ and combining log ins for all sorts of shit, I can’t get into my original account! So I’ve started a second one…

You now find my original videos here and the latest ones here. Bullshit isn’t it?


5 responses to “Friday moaning music…

  1. The same thing happened to The Tutor, he can't access three of his older blogs. Moaning is a basic Human Right. And that video could have been better. You could have had some live action shots and maybe some girl-back-up singers for the chorus. And the video was not populated with a representative sample of the population of moaners. For instance, where were the South Asians? Or Asians proper? I'm tired of videos not representing the public at large. Now I understand why there were no Muslims in your video, they don't moan, they just blow shit up. In case any might complain about my Islamaphobia, I'll have them know me dad was a Rohingya. And I still don't see how the balance was redressed. Moaning about moaning is moaning. Innit?

  2. Moaning is not a basic human right, access to clean water is a basic human right. Not really. We are basically simians in this respect. In this context, the concept of 'basic human rights' has no relevance and is consequently redundant.

  3. NOTHING is a basic human right!
    In fact there are no rights of any kind! Period. Full Stop. End of.
    We humans decide to define 'absolute' Truths and/or Rights.
    There's no right and no wrong. Only thinking makes it so.

    See the Euthyphro Dilemma
    The Tutor an I have much fun with that when the LDS or Witnesses come to the door.

    Moaning is as close to a basic human right as anything else. Innit?

  4. You make an interesting point. I will ponder anew and comment anew if I have anything sensible, or irreverent, to say.

  5. Every time I hear “Human Rights” I think “Absolute bollocks! No such thing! Thought up by lawyers and quoted by arrogant tossers!”

    I think that covers it…?