Footballer                    Nazi doll

Has anyone noticed the remarkable resemblance between Manchester Uniter footballer Bastian Schweinsteiger and a Nazi doll made in Hong Kong?

Well, it would seem so, as Bastian is a bit upset and is suing the company in question.

Dragon in Dream (DiD) says that it was “pure coincidence” that the figure resembled the 31-year-old who joined Manchester United from Bayern Munich in July on a three-year contract worth a reported £14.4m. It said the name was also a coincidence, as “many people in Germany are called Bastian”. They added “The figure is based on a typical German. We believe that all Germans look like that.”

Many Germans were devastated (ah! bless!..)when Schweinsteiger made the move to Manchester this summer. But his attempts to integrate into the UK way of life, not least tuning into British humour, have been followed closely by the German media. Seems his sense of humour has failed on this occasion.

However, as we often say on this blog…..

Perhaps the are related? I think we should be told!


4 responses to “Lookalikes

  1. Well. If you will play with a funny shaped ball and moan when you chip a nail on 25,000 a week then who cares who you look like!

  2. The Tutor informs me that the Footballer in question is a Wehrmacht soldier, not necessarily a Nazi AND he's toting 'unrealistic' white bread!
    An old German proverb says, “Schwarzbrot macht Wangen rot, Weissbrot macht Leute tot,” which means, “Dark bread makes cheeks red, white bread makes people dead.” Perhaps he was assigned to Stalingrad?

    I like the Nazi Doll's last name though, “Schweinsteiger” I keep repeating it to myself and it sounds better and better with each repetition – especially if you pronounce the “w” as a “v” The ultimate in Master Race nomenclature

  3. His name is Pigsticker and he's bothered by a toy doll!

  4. Could be worse. His name could be Cameron 😉