A picture paints 1,000 words…

Crapping themselves that Britain actually doesn’t want to be in the EU, the Brussels beaurocrats have come up with a way of ramming EU grants down the throats of British cictizens to scare them out of leaving.

British farmers will be forced to put up propaganda billboards – at their own expense – promoting the EU or face having grant money clawed back under new regulations. Those receiving more than £388,000 will be made to erect a 4ft by 6ft billboard while £38,825 requires a plaque. Farmers who get £7,765 have to display an A3 poster.

So be prepared to see the countryside cluttered up by as many as 11,000 pro-EU propaganda adverts.

Government regulations warn: “Failure to display the required poster, plaque or billboard, or to replace those which are lost or damaged, will be a breach of the agreement and subject to a penalty or recovery of payments.”

Ukip MEP Stuart Agnew commented “It is outrageous that farmers are obliged to get involved in the EU propaganda machine when this money came from the British taxpayer.”

So advertise the EU or be fined for not doing so. Great isn’t it?

Time to leave…


7 responses to “A picture paints 1,000 words…

  1. What I want to know is, what happens if a lot of these billboards suffer some unfortunate accident like spontaneous combustion or something. Does the “Rich on EU funding” farmer have to keep coughing up for replacements or what?

    They do realise don't they, that its this sort of thing that gets right up the noses of us British, this sort of shit makes us more bloody minded than we were already.

    just sayin . . . .

  2. To answer your questions : Yes, if damaged, vandalised, stolen or general fucked about with, the farmer has to cough up for a replacement or get fined!

    And Yes they do realise but they don't give a toss…

  3. Oh! What a shame! Gutted I tell you, absolutely gutted, that those who have readily taken Danegeld will be forced to fund the replacement.

    Funny thing about those continentals – they never could get their head round the British psyche. It's gonna cost 'em.

    Anyone for a walk in the country ?

  4. Is it specified that the message must be rendered in The Queen's?
    Just nail an assortment of letters(mostly consonants) to a tree or fence post and call it Welsh.


  5. What a spiffing wheeze! Well done, young lady.

  6. What's the matter with runes? Are you runist?

  7. Yes, Flaxen, I am.
    Thank you Mr. Treen, 'twas nothin'