Friday music – Alice Blues

After my recent trip to Australia I was a bit unimpressed with Alice Springs and had a little bit of a moan to my musical friend ChasC about it. Actually it wasn’t that bad, but if you’re in Alice then you’re really only there to pass through on the way to Uluru or to catch the Ghan train back to Darwin so maybe I’m being a bit unkind.

So if you’re reading this in Alice, then I’m sorry. I don’t mean it really. Just enjoy the song and watch the video…

If you want the lyrics or the download for your iPod, then you can get it over at his place


4 responses to “Friday music – Alice Blues

  1. That's not nice.
    I reckon someone in Alice Springs should write the 'I Got The Whinging POME Bastard Blues' after having to serve the tourist feckers day-in and day-out.

  2. Actually, when I was on the boat there was a couple there who never never stopped moaning all the time we were there. If you gave them your arse and shit through your ribs for them they still wouldn't have been happy. Nothing on Earth was good enough for them. They were a right pain in the neck!

    They were Australian…

  3. Nyuck!
    Nice little twist at the end there.
    I'm surprised they were sober enough to complain. I remember watching a group of Aussies from Tasmania spend an afternoon in the pool at the Novotel Siam Square Bangkok. Every 20 minutes one of them would leave the pool and hotel and go to the street-corner “7-11” Shop to pick up a case of Singa beer and bring it back. They never bought from the expensive poor bar. And they never left the water – except the one guy doing the beer runs. One wonders if there was any voiding of bladders involved? When they left after about three hours, there were 49 empty glass bottles – the big quart bottles – scattered around the pool side and in the pool. There were only 6 of them and three of those were sheilas.

  4. “…..If you gave them your arse and shit through your ribs for them they still wouldn't have been happy……”

    Nice visual.