Bugger off, Bishops!

One day it might actually dawn on the Church of England that this country is heading towards being a post religious society? But not yet it would seem…

Apparently the good Bishops if the CofE took it upon themselves to write to the Prime Minister demanding that we took in more refugees migrants. Having already given an undertaking to take a good few from the refugee camps – thereby ensuring they actually were refugees from the war in Syria and not just economic migrants – he chose to take no notice. And quite right too. It’s not the place of the Church to involve itself in politics.

So having been ignored for the last couple of weeks, they decided to make their private letter public, presumably in the hope of garner public support. Well, good luck with that because it’s certainly not garnering any around this neck of the woods.

They reckon we should take another 50,000 because “such a number would bring us into line with comparable commitments made by other countries. It would be a meaningful and substantial response to the scale of human suffering we see daily.” This unfortunately misses the point that we are not other countries, we are British and frankly I like it that way. It’s a bit like saying that just because other people stick their hand in the fire, you should do the same. The argument that stupidity should be mimicked by more stupidity just doesn’t hold water in my opinion.

The poor old bishops are ‘distressed not to have received a substantive response form the Prime Minister.’ Deary me. Get over it, dears. You’re just not that important.

Downing Street were quick to point out that we’ve already said we’ll take 20,000 and that we’ve contributed more aid and money to the camps that any other country. And let’s not forget what I pointed out yesterday about the blackmailing Turks.

Personally I reckon we’re doing more than enough and that the real answer is to copy Hungary and seal our borders. If that makes us unpopular with Merkel, the EU, and the UN then so be it. As for the bishops? Well, I frankly couldn’t care less what they think…


10 responses to “Bugger off, Bishops!

  1. I believe that this once great country is already FUBAR. Thank goodness I'm nearer the end of my life than the start. With any luck I'll be dead by the time England officially becomes a muslim state.

    As for the bishops, hypocrites the lot of 'em. I've said it before and I'll say it yet again – when Lambeth Palace and all the other official homes used by the bishops are full to overflowing with these invaders then the bishops might be in a better position to spout this drivel, until then they can shut the fuck up!

  2. Spot on, i agree completely.
    The bleeding heart well heeled, preferably the champagne socialists of Notting Hill who have bugger all else to do, can open their homes too seeing as they love this human tide so much.

    I had reason to visit the famous multi cultural centres of Chipping Norton and Burford via Shipston couple of weeks ago, Cameron country, amazing how transformed those previously ugly culture free places are for the better now from their previous ugly filth, the asylum centre looks magnificent the prison helpfully disguising those ugly churches, the minarets and shops selling exotic foods and clothes with their wares colourfully spilling over the pavement all blending to make the Cotswolds into perfect picture postcard landscape where previously it was a dirty hell hole.

    How lovely to no longer have to suffer English as she is spoke with its various regional accents, i'm unsure which of the 43 music to my ears unidentifiable dialects were the most melodious, signs in 14 different languages completed the picture.
    Utopia at last, perfection where there was once chaos.

    Sarcastic, moi?


  3. I live 250 yards from one of England's greatest churches, I'm often tempted to worship there but then I remember the reality of the modern Church.

  4. Well. I am sure with bishops palaces and churches, the could give EASILY 50,000 a roof for the winter…. but then he would probably have a thromby if it was even suggested.

  5. Spot on Furor, 50,000 could probably be housed in churches just in Norfolk. 15 pensioners once a week for an hour in Cof E churches is a waste of recources.

    Oh what about wedding photos and lost revenue for Cof E….oh fuck it the idea has collapsed at the first hurdle.

    I know what about every other cunt giving up their spare bedrooms….is that alright Bish?


  6. I'm not convinced that “migrant” is the right term. I was a migrant when I went to live in France, whereupon I adopted the French way of life, spoke to the locals in French and accepted that they don't do Mondays. In other words, I fitted in with the host nation.

    A more accurate term for what Europe is experiencing at the moment is colonisation or invasion. It seems such behaviour is all okay if it is brown people doing it…

  7. “……I believe that this once great country is already……”

    Are you referring, perchance, to Blighty?
    You are delusional. Even at the height of Empire under Victoria, y'all let your Working-Class slums fester and the Irish starve.
    My Burmese ass!

  8. “…….The argument that stupidity should be mimicked by more stupidity just doesn't hold water in my opinion………”

    But that is how the Western World operates!
    You're not a Commie are you?

  9. While agreeing with your article as a whole, I should point out that the top bishops are members of the legislature – the Lords – and as such have a right, and possibly a duty, to engage with politics.

  10. The word you're looking for Longrider is “gimmegrant”. What's happening in Europe is self-induced invasion by our enemies. Like Eyesaqwnt, I can only be glad that I'll be dead before we are fully islamified.