This plan’s a turkey…

Here’s the plan : Let’s help to resolve the migrant crisis by giving loads of them EU visas…

Turkey doesn’t meet the economic requirements to become a member of the EU. In fact. the last time I was there the local feeling was that most Turks don’t actually want to be in the EU anyway but never mind that because the politicians know what’s best for us. It’s called democracy. Not. Turkey’s hard line president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, demands membership as the price for stemming the tide of refugees pouring over his country’s borders into Europe. So they’ve come up with a work around.

In return for recognising Turkey’s problems in dealing with the migrant crisis, we’re going to let Turks have EU visas so they can go wandering around the EU like they were members without actually having the inconvenience or obligations associated with joining.

In exchange for the visa deal and £2.2billion in aid – which could include up to £260million from the UK – Mr Erdogan will step up border controls, tackle people-smuggling gangs and re-admit failed asylum seekers who had entered Europe from Turkey. Late on Thursday night at a summit in Brussels, EU officials agreed to speed up talks on visas allowing Turks into the EU’s border-free Schengen Zone, which could come into effect as soon as next year. Thankfully we’re not actually in the Schengen zone so they don’t automatically come here, but they can get to the far end of the Channel Tunnel – which is perhaps just a tad too close for comfort?

So basically we’re swapping the prospect of two million Syrian refugees arriving from Turkey, with the threat of its 75million citizens being given the chance to pour in.

Nigel Farage warned the proposal was ‘bordering on insanity’ and would give millions ‘access to come to Britain, to use the Health Service, to use our primary schools and to take jobs’. He added: ‘Turkey is a state with a terrible human rights record run by a dictatorial Islamist president. They are threatening to flood Europe with migrants unless we pay them three billion euros and accept Turkey into the EU. This blackmail is completely unacceptable.’ Turkey has the upper hand in negotiations, as the EU needs help in coping with the biggest mass migration since the Second World War.

I confidently predict that our wishy washy, weak kneed politicians will cave in and give them exactly what they want. Personally I’d tell them to fuck off…


4 responses to “This plan’s a turkey…

  1. Please note, it is not migration – it is invasion. Migrants tend to be subdued, quiet, grateful for whatever they get, and eager to fit in and become part of their new home. What is happening now is anything but that.

  2. This whole business with Turkey smacks of an EUSSR stitch up orchestrated by Hitler's successor, Merkel.

  3. Yins are nowt but a bunch of bitter old white fuckers.
    As Bobby says:

    Come gather 'round people
    Wherever you roam
    And admit that the waters
    Around you have grown
    And accept it that soon
    You'll be drenched to the bone
    If your time to you
    Is worth savin'
    Then you better start swimmin'
    Or you'll sink like a stone
    For the times they are a-changin'.