One less piece of crap on TV

News from the BBC this week that there’s going to be one less piece of crap programming cluttering up the Saturday night viewing schedule because they’re going to axe ‘The Voice’.

Of course, it’s not the BBC’s fault. It’s those wicked Tory cuts again! Have you noticed lately that everything that happens is down to the wicked Tory cuts?

Well I for one won’t be mourning the loss of this piss poor imitation of X-Factor, Britain’s Got No Talent, Pop Idol and good knows how many more Cowell Copy Cats because I’m sick of watching talentless twats caterwailing and then breaking down in tears because their one big chance on life to be rich and famous like they deserve from birth has been shot down in flames because – frankly – they can’t bloody sing and have no discernable talent whatsoever.

FFS! Just look at the judges!, Boy fucking George, Sir Tom Jones. Has beens and never were’s the lot of them.

Now, if we could just get them to axe Bake Off, Strictly Come Mincing, The Apprentice, I’m a Nonentity Get Me Out of Here, Masterchef and all the rest of the cheapjack shite that masquerades as entertainment then we might be getting somewhere.

Hang on though! There’d be nothing left except footie and Escape to the Cuntry.

And even those are repeats or highlights. Sod the digital age. Bring back 2 channel TV and the test card. Even the test card was better viewing than The Voice…

And now a spot of humour :

A man goes to the doctor. “Doctor” he says, “I can’t stop humming ‘Green Green Grass of Home’ What’s wrong with me?”
“Easy” says the doctor. “You got Tom Jones syndrome.”
“Is that rare, doctor?”
“Well, it’s not unusual!”

Boom, boom!


11 responses to “One less piece of crap on TV

  1. I can't argue with a single word of today's post. The only thing is, the scales fell from eyes about 7 years ago when I reached my TV saturation point. I'd always been pretty selective in my viewing choices – no soaps, no reality, no talent shows. I watched mostly documentaries, foreign films and sought out quality drama. When the output of these was squeezed and the standard began to fall off, I realised that I was watching less and less, and all the while paying more and more – I was an early adopter of satellite. So I decided to try an experiment. I did not turn the TV on for a week. The week became a month. I did not miss it. I cancelled my various subscriptions and licence fee payments. Since then I've saved a lot of money but haven't missed the box at all.

    These days I watch Youtube and read more books. The only glimpses of TV I get are when I visit my mother at the nursing home. It is so banal, it makes me feel quite nauseous at times. The last lot of rubbish I saw being trailed was something called “Flockstars” and another pile of crap about a BBQ contest. Whatever next – Monkey Tennis?

  2. Tele is crap. New Zealand tele is particularly shite and we have adverts every 6 minutes. Programming is full of reality shit which is cheap to produce and offers a soporific for the seething masses. Lately I've taken up arson as a distraction.

  3. Flax, I have a burning desire to follow in your footsteps.

    OK, I'll get my coat.

  4. The only burning sensation I have after reading the Cuntribbit Saxon is when I pee. “Soporific”? Who the fuck 'round her knows what that word means – besides yours truly?

  5. Your joke is shite. Could've been worse though. Could've involved a pussycat or Delilah.
    The Tutor, being the cheap cunt that he is, let the cable company discontinue his service out of non payment of the invoice(s). We've not had Television for almost a year and a half. Can't says I miss any of it. I's got the Internet now and that is far better.

  6. A burning sensation when I pee AND a wee case of Lexical Redundancy Syndrome

  7. You lied to me! You said you were accessing at the local Library. O woe is me….etc.

  8. Tis been duly noted, Cuddles, and stored away for future lexicological japes and fun. Nut bugger.

  9. Just heard the latest piece of shite to hit the screen after the finish of 'The Great British Bake Off' is going to be 'The Great British Pottery Throw Down'

    You couldn't fucking make it up!