Don’t get cancer in Wales

There’s a lot wrong with the English NHS but it pales into insignificance when compared to the Welsh NHS – especially when it comes to playing politics and treating cancer patients.

On the BBC this week was Irfon Williams who was refused a cancer drug because it’s not available on NHS. NICE didn’t approve it because it’s expensive. The drug cetuximab costs around £23,000 to treat a man for 8 months. Mr Williams decided to relocate his family to England so that he could get the drug through the Cancer Drugs Fund which is not available in Wales.

The guy was given two years to live but the treatment has been successful in shrinking his tumours to operative size so his future looks somewhat rosier than it did before. Is he happy? Well, no. It seems that now he’s a lot better he’s using his time to bleat about having to live in England. Well, you could have stayed in Wales and raised the £23,000 yourself couldn’t you Irfon? Or did you just want to be the richest bloke in the cemetary?

This story highlights Welsh cancer tourism to England because Irfon is far from being along in seeking treatment in England. But Wales is, of course, responsible for their health service under devolved powers and is governed by a caring sharing Labour Party so why are these people being saved by the wicked uncaring Tories? Well might you ask.

Labour naturally turn the story round to their twisted lefty thinking. They say that the Tories providing money for these drugs in England demonstrates that the Cancer Drugs Fund is a failed policy. But it’s not the policy that stopping Welsh patients from getting the treatments they need, it’s the policies of the Welsh government. As with lots of Labour propaganda, it’s never their fault and they don’t want facts interfering with a good story.

It’s hard to see how patients getting treated can be described as a ‘policy failure’ when surely the failure is that of the Welsh NHS not providing the same level of care. But if they can drive their own people across the border in fear of their lives, then it works out a lot cheaper for the Welsh doesn’t it?

Croeso i Corbynland…


5 responses to “Don’t get cancer in Wales

  1. I know what I'm about to say won't be popular, but here goes. Very few people in my experience beat cancer – it's diagnosis is a death sentence. Vast amounts of money are spent treating people who have their lives extended by realtively short, often painful and unpleasant, periods of time. £23,000 for eight months seems a great deal to spend to prolong one person's life. For that person to then bleat and moan about living in the country that provides that treatment is nothing short of outrageous. My advice to him is CACHAU BANT! you ungrateful cunt.

  2. My daughter is a radiotherapist and she tells me the survival rate is a lot better than you'd think.
    What got me about this case is not just the bleating. It's the fact that somebody only thinks their life is worth saving with money if somebody else pays – that and the warped thinking of the Labour party who blame the Tories for absolutely everything.
    Two lots of brain dead people for the price of one?

  3. Firstly, the Welsh are not real.
    Secondly, Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition must always oppose. How better to oppose than blame all on the Governing Party? Oppose everything. Propose nothing.
    The Canadian Health Care System is like the UK NHS. This is precisely why The Tutor and I have never worked in it. We prefer to ply our trade in countries where Health Care is for the rich only – and we do it Pro Bono.
    In single-payer Health Care Systems – NHS – CDN Health Care – both the patients and the providers evolve to become cunts!

  4. It appears to be par for the course these days to go elsewhere, milk your hosts and then blame them for the fact that your needs/wants aren't being met in your own home. Then demand that your hosts' place is transformed to match whatever hell-hole couldn't satisfy you originally.

  5. …and don't get me started on that daft cunt in Saudi and his home brew. Stupid arrogant bastard. Typical Englishman abroad – and believe me I've met a few!