No more free recycling here!

A Small Town Man post…

News this week from Smalltown Suffolk that the council are going to start charging households if they want a brown recycling bin for their compostable waste. All in the name of improving efficiency and cutting costs…

It’s not our fault, though. It’s that wicked central government imposing cuts and austerity again, reducing the money they give us and cutting recycling subsidies. And it seems we’ve been a victim of our own success because everyone wants to use the service. It’s good for the planet after all!

Of course the vans will still have to cover the same routes, the crews will have to be paid and we’ll have to employ some more staff to ensure we get all those 50 quids in, but I’m sure there’s a cost saving somewhere?

And we can always stick our stuff in our neighbours bin to avoid the charges, or just fly tip it in the local lanes. After all, every little helps.

Personally, I’m sticking my composting in the black bin. And as for the £50 charge for a Brownie – well they know where they can stick that!


11 responses to “No more free recycling here!

  1. In my area (Worcestershire) folks have been paying for them for ages. I can't remember if they were free or not when they were first introduced. I think you're far better off either composting your own green waste, taking it to the local recycling centre (tip), or as you say fly tipping it – it is biodegradable after all. Charging for the service is sure to encourage people to be green isn't it?

  2. Mick Anderson

    The brown bins were always chargeable around here, and they were only introduced last year.

  3. But I bet they (the council) are still paying out lots for 'traveller' services, and outreach workers for the one-legged lesbian transsexual Irish muslims…

  4. Our council did this ages ago. They then noticed that compost-able waste was ending up in landfill – like no one could have seen that coming from a parsec and a half away. I have not paid the charge and never will, so my grass cuttings went in the black bin. I was not alone, it seems.

    The council is now reversing the “bin tax”.


  5. Quick Draw McGraw

    My council has just decided to instigate some bullshit called bin swap. Basically, the black bins we used to put our non recyclable waste in, is now to be used for recyclable waste. The green recyclable waste bin, is to be used for unrecyclable waste. It's bullshit, but I've decided that to use this to my advantage. So I've stopped sorting my family's rubbish, and now I consider the council to have helpfully returned to weekly collections. What annoys me is that my council pleads poverty, due the 'Cuts', yet they can afford to splash out £41 million on a shiny council office building.

  6. From whence I come, there is no left-over comestible worthy of composting.
    The Rich West can go fuck itself.

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  8. Calm down dear, it's only a degree of irony with a gentle mocking of the obsessive middle-class (but permanently in a hair shirt) Guardianistas…

  9. Reasoned and intellectual discourse:- a delightfully refreshing change.

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  11. Doh, I think this comment needs to be moved to the post about 'NHS and Wales'. Arse.