More PC nonsense…

Over the weekend I came across a video on YouTube by the American CBS network about the Islamification of Britain and we are sleep walking into an Islamic state.

Now I’m the first person to admit that Americans in general know next to fuck all about what happens outside their own town but they did make a good point or two as you can see for yourself if you watch it. They point out that we encourage multiculturalism and are so bound up in political correctness that we’re scared to challenge Islam because we’ll be seen as racist, isolationist bigots. Mind you, it’s OK for them to have a go at Christian – which seems a little one sided to me.

Im not saying that all Muslims and all immigrants are bad people. I know a lot of middle class white English folk who are complete bastards. However, when I read about the response of the Metropolitan Police to officers who wanted to show respect to PC David Phillips who was killed in the line of duty whilst trying to stop a stolen vehicle with a stinger, the comments made in the film struck a bit of a chord.

Officers wanted to wear the patch pictured above as a mark of respect. They were forbidden to do so because ‘it might cause offence” FFS! A high-ranking Scotland Yard officer apparently told staff wearing the badge could provoke ill-feeling or cause offence in some communities. Who is this arsehole? He should be named and shamed IMHO…

An email was sent around which according to Ken Marsh, chairman of the Met Police Federation constables’ branch “told officers they couldn’t wear it because it wasn’t functional with regulations on police uniforms. The badge publicly demonstrates support for the families of fallen officers. However, there have been suggestions from a minority of senior officers that the badge could cause offence to some within certain communities. There is also consternation amongst some within the police hierarchy that the badge may be seen as some sort of political statement.

The ‘thin blue line’ badge is produced by the Care of Police Survivors charity. As far as I am concerned, anyone who objects to it is not worthy of consideration.

If we have sunk to the point where we are afraid to express solidarity with a murdered police officer and his family for the sake of violating political correctness, then it would seem the Americans do actually have a point…


6 responses to “More PC nonsense…

  1. They do have a point, but the story is not new.

    For a few years now, this badge has been contreoversial, and for exactly the same reson as now. Just this time the media have got hold of it.

  2. I mostly agree with the sentiments you express in today's blog article. The only thing I take issue with is this growing trend to “wear one's heart on one's sleeve”. I think it started about the time of Diana's demise. I find it increasingly irritating to drive past roadside “shrines” where the friends and relatives of someone killed in a road accident feel it necessary to leave bunches of flowers and other similar tributes. I feel grief should be a personal thing and should be dealt with in private.

    If police officers want to organise and attend a memorial service for a fallen collegue that is one thing, but to start to wear various badges on their uniform whilst on duty is quite another. Off duty and wearing civvies no problem.

  3. I think that's pretty much in line with the view expressed over here :

    The ban on police wearing badges is, of course, rather selective as they are allowed to wear several other 'politically more acceptable' symbols. All or none is my view…

  4. We never hear the name of the idiots who come up with these stupid PC rulings.

  5. The bastards lifted the 'Thin Red Line' concept from the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean war. The vile thieving cunts.
    Into the valley of death should ride those blue be-decked boneheads.

    Plenty of ways to support the police without wearing a fuct-up, colour-challenged Union Jack.

  6. Oh that was me, ALT-F. The Tutor has deleted all but this blog – his original. In one month, he'll have been on Blogger for 10 years!. He has 1116 posts so far! Prolific little bastard, Innit?