News this week that 30 odd of our cities are failing to meet EU requirements on pollution levels. Apparently this is causing health problems. No shit, Sherlock !?!

As far as I can see, pollution is a bit like austerity. We’ve got no idea about either in this country. Try the third world for poverty. You want to see pollution? Go to Chongquin in China. I was there 25 years ago and you did well to see your hand in front of your face and I can’t believe it’s got any better. I can also remember the great London smogs when I was a kid. You wore a smog mask and still if you stuck a hanky up your nose it came out black.

OK pollution is a serious matter and shouldn’t just be ignored, but you need to get a sense of perspective. For example, don’t buy a diesel Volkswagen. But if you think you’re going to solve the problem by charging 5p for a plastic bag, or by buying carbon offsets, or by leaving an empty seat on a schedule flight that’s flying with or without you then you’re kidding yourself.

I’m all for environmental protection but I don’t need the EU telling me I’m missing a target that they’ve set for me because, frankly, I couldn’t give a flying for what the EU think.

I don’t need doctors telling me that if I ride a bike or walk to work then I’m breathing in shit from car exhausts because that just makes me more likely to take my car and turn on the air conditioning.

And I certainly don’t need my local council telling me that they’re going to charge me £50 a year for my recycling bin because that just means they can take it away.

And I can definitely do without the Green Party. Full stop. Period. No argument!

It’s all bollocks really, isn’t it?


5 responses to “Pollution

  1. Mick Anderson

    Air quality targets are largely arbitrary. There is as much real knowledge behind them as there is for recommendations for “safe drinking” levels or five/seven/ten-a-day.

    If you want to improve the air quality in towns and cities, do something to either keep the traffic moving, or remove it completely. Forcing cars to keep stopping and accelerating because of traffic lights, roundabouts and “traffic calming” massively increases the amount of fuel burnt. Build a pedestrian bridge or underpass instead of a light-controlled crossing. Provide effective park-and-ride, or exceptional public transport.

    They deliberately put in conditions that force us to use cars inefficiently and then complain about the result. How about not creating the problem in the first place?

  2. Mr Anderson, you make a sound point.

  3. I haven't the faintest idea about the Green Party policies, and I can't be arsed to spend 5 mins doing a search to find out more info, I lost interest in anything like carbon policies when I believe Easyjet wanted you to donate money on top of the flight cost to save the world when their planes engines are always up and running no matter how long delays are, along with the certainty their pilots will speed up without care about the extra fuel to arrive on time.

    What a smart move by Teresa May to bang on about immigration now that the Tories have realised 1 million B.N.P votes has risen to 4 million with UKIP with Jeremy Corbyn horrified at turning immigrants away.

    I would vote again for Labour and I like Corbyn's style, but until they stop this fucking political correct nonsense about Immigration they will not get my vote, I reckon UKIP will be fucked win or lose the referendum if the Tories stance on immgration hardens …whats left for UKIP?


  4. I am frankly surprised that anyone would even consider voting Labour while Corbyn (i.e. McCluskey and co by proxy) is in charge!

    You're kidding me, right?

  5. I have an open mind on these things without being confused or frightened about Union power that ended 35 years ago.

    Unions didn't rule the country or bring it to its kness during the last Labour years did it?

    You might find it surprisng that being a Union member and seeing the good it has done over a decade for me and of course the union bashing colleagues who hate it but still have reaped the benefits…I'm not scared of it.

    Union bashers who I work with are the most ignorant cunts I know…they forget everything over the last 10 years but remember Arthur Scargill as if he was Freddie Kruger.