Welcome to Corbynland…

Well, this week it’s the Tory conference hot on the heels of Labour where their illustrious new leader could tell the difference between what he was supposed to read out and the notes for emphasis and punchlines. Not much of a start for the new union puppet was it?

I read a piece on another site earlier that I think summed up Corbyn beautifully by parodying him to Doctor Who…

“Every night he gets into a Tardis and time travels back to 1980. He feels safer there. He can assume that all the social experiments that are yet to be imposed upon us by the Marxist dictatorship will work out fine. But when he gets back in his Tardis and ends up here and now, he realizes that Marxist idealism and halo-polishing dictators, are nowt but scoundrels. He’s been to-ing and fro-ing for a while now.”

The notable thing about that period was, of course, the TUC dictatorship that was the miners’ strike and Corby clearly sees himself as another Scargill. This was evidenced on Monday by the orchestrated demonstrations outside the Tory conference. Corbyn was quick to ignore protocol by addressing the mob – breaking the accord whereby political leaders do not appear in the city where their opponents are holding their conference. But then Corbyn was never one for passing up a photo opportunity because of a little thing like protocol. This is a man who refuses to sing his own country’s national anthem but is happy to sing ‘The Red Flag’.

7,000 ‘demonstrators’ held a rally in Manchester and Corbyn addressed them invoking his penchant for fantasy economics by calling for an end to austerity. Unsurprisingly the rally was organised by the People’s Assembly and the Communication Worker’s Union.

Earlier Terry Pullinger, deputy leader of the Communication Workers Union, said Corbynmania “makes you want to celebrate the fact that Labour lost the election”. It’s not a view shared by many members of the Labour Party however. Rachel Reeves called his comments “depressing”, former Ed Miliband advisor Lucy Powell mouthed “I’m not clapping that” and Owen Jones shook his head. Jonathan Reynolds, Labour MP for nearby Stalybridge added “God help us.”

Dave Ward, the general secretary of the CWU, claimed Corbyn had been under “immense personal pressure” not to attend the rally. Yeah, right! Ward also said he will take action against the government’s Trade Union Bill – even if it is illegal. It makes him the second union boss to threaten illegal strikes and protests in response to the bill, which will introduce new rules about how many members are required for a walk out to be legal.

So now it starts as I predicted a while back. Labour is unelectable even without Corbyn’s influence as it cannot command a majority without carrying the Scottish vote. So they take it to the streets and try to bring down Cameron the way Scargill brought down Heath – by massive civil disruption, unrest and economic blackmail.

We’re well and truly back in that Tardis…


2 responses to “Welcome to Corbynland…

  1. Largely agreed. It is interesting that the Left's default position is aggression and intimidation.

  2. …calling for an end to austerity.

    What austerity? Where is the rationing, the queues for essential services, the poor lining the streets, selling what little they have? If you have no idea what austerity is, visit those socialist utopias of Cuba, Venezuela, Zimbabwe or North Korea, then you will have a better idea of austerity.

    BTW, it was not Scargill who brought down Heath, it was Gormley, and that was mainly because he had a genuine case. Scargill merely tried to emulate him, 10 years later, and bring down Thatcher; that he had no real case and had taken on a more redoubtable foe than Heath led to his demise (alas, only politically and symbolically).