The Ghan

I did say we were going back north, to Darwin in fact.

We are, however, not on a plane as you might have guessed from the above picture. We’re on a train. The Ghan is rated as one of the 10 best rail trips in the world and it’s one hell of a way to see the outback. You might recall my African jaunt on Rovos Rail? Well, the Ghan is not quite as luxurious, but it’s pretty damn good.

When we signed up for the trip we were supposed to be going south on the train and flying back, but the company were then told that the train wasn’t running in that direction on the required day so they shifted us round. Bit of a shame really as I would have preferred to go to Uluhu rather than return from it but I suppose that’s nit picking a bit?

This is our second day on the train after getting on yesterday back in Alice Springs where we overnighted before boarding. Tonight we disembark, overnight at the Darwin Hilton where we reconnect with some of the luggage we left behind before setting off south.

Tomorrow afternoon we fly to Singapore where we hang around for a few hours before flying on to London. All being well, we’re back home on Thursday…


3 responses to “The Ghan

  1. Did someone say Singapore?

    You MUST go there even if you are only in Sin City for a few hours

    I always stay at:
    when I have business in that area.

    The hotel is tres weird. It starts on the sixth floor of the building. The first five floors are a mall and business offices.

    In BKK I stay here:

    Sorry, can't be arsed to code for a live link.

  2. Managed to restrict myself to 5 hours sitting in the business class lounge getting sufficiently pissed to sleep on a 13 hour flight home…

  3. To be transported on a whim/qwim is every mans delight in BKK. Ladyboys are everywhere but are disappointing. You are lucky on the 6th floor. Me and my very attentive girlfriend were based on the first floor. The midges bit my white ass to death. My young, small and attractive companion escaped insect censure. I suspect she was holding out on me. Oriental folk are inscrutable, after all.