Guess where?

No prizes, I’m afraid.

This morning we’re up with the sunrise having watched the sun go down last night. Well, you can’t really go to Oz without visiting Ayres Rock can you? We flew in yesterday via Alice Springs where we return this evening for an overnight stop before moving on back northwards…


2 responses to “Guess where?

  1. Two things, Dioclese.

    1). It is spelt “A Y E R S”


    2) It is now called “U L U R U” anyway.

    And Saxon, before you chirp in, like the pedantic and patronising cunt that you are, with, “Well actually, since 2002 it has been called “Uluru / Ayers Rock”, you can fuck off.”

    Of course, there is the off chance that the misspelling is purposeful as a standard rhetorical device to imbue derogation of the monument, the namesake, the Aboriginals and the sovereign state of Australia. That would be my reason.

  2. In this part of the world, we like to call the indigenous folk, 'bongs'. That's the sound they make when they slide off the bumper of ya car. C'mon Cuddles, you need to keep up with the latest vernacular- the kids on the street would not be impressed.